Unpopular opinion thread

I think bleach is one of the best battle shounen to ever be created

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It is. People are just too retarded to actually think and understand it.

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It follows typical shonen tropes.
Starts off good. Had a shitty filler arc. Is good again after the filler. Then trys to milk itself by continuing after it should have ended.

I'm still mad

Bleach > Naruto > One Piece

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Black clover is actually really good

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looks like a Coke ad poster from the 90’s

FMA is a boring and generic anime



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I agree. If you read it one sitting you see the pattern but if you read it week after week and have Yas Forums meme it to death you'll prbably just start agreeing with the memes.

To be honest you need to think to understand BLEACH. Kubo never holds your had and explain everything with pages full of exposition. You need to understand the poems, chapter titles and even rough doodles he does at the end of every chapters to get it.

I'll bite the bait, how the fuck is that "generic", what the hell does that mean

Don´t mind me, just posting the best captain.

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It feels like a huge Naruto filler.

To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand Bleach. Bleach starts with bonus points because it never lowered itself to tournament arcs, a "be the best X" premise and even while it has both a school and a Shinigami Academy, it focuses on neither.

Bleach is absurdly introspective on the themes of knowing yourself. The weapons are reflection of the soul that change and powerup the more the user knows about themselves.

Even the name is a perfectly fit metaphor. To Bleach something is to turn it white. Every enemy in this series is portraied as white. The Captain Mantle, The Holllow Mask, The Xcution, The Quincy. Ichigo's growth come from the interaction of realizing he is not that different from his enemies. The Shinigami deal with duty and responsability, the Hollow with loss, the Fullbringers with wanting/longing and the Quincy with destiny/fate.

In terms of "Flash", I'd whole heartedly disagree. Kubo's work really highlights characters. It doesn't focus on how well he can draw powers and beams, and it doesn't come from megalomaniac structures or scenarios. It is in fact, the opposite of flashy. It is minimalistic.

It also always knew where it was going to go. The first arc alone introduces us to shinigami, hollows, fullbringers and quincy, and the Grand Fisher chapters and epilogue introduced us to what kind of fuckery Aizen was up to, and the possibility of Arrancars. It also introduced A SHIT LOAD of characters, much more than your average Shounen would dare to, and by the end it pretty much used all of them for something of importance at least once.

If I am to give Bleach legit criticism, is that Kubo underestimated how long it would take to accomplished things he set out to do, and he suffered just like Death Note by putting the most antecipated part of the series in the middle. I also think Jump did more harm than good making it weekly instead of monthly.

A lot of people seem to think it went downhill after the Aizen fight, and I would attribute it to Kubo having to hurry because Jump was probably aware of sales figures and told him to wrap up soon; but even so, I think he wraps it up beautifully given his circumstances.

One Piece > Bleach >>>>>> Naruto
Naruto >>> Bleach >>>>>> One Piece

It seemingly ends in an "ex machina", but considering the epilogue in the future, Juha never really vanished, and is planning to strike Ichigo's family for the sake of causing him the most pain he can as some demented twisted punishment for standing up to him. The pairings in the end were also pretty logical and foreshadowed, only weird shipping girls got disappointed with that.

Bleach is my favorite shounen because of how introspective it is. I'm not blind to its faults, but it deserves a lot more credit than the vapid criticisms it gets from people that legit don't get it. (And I don't even have to interject on how Naruto loses itself in overblown explanations, or how One Piece is literal garbage fire that has been repeating itself, never learning from its mistakes and asspulling since day 1 and people ignore it because it's fun and colorful)

>no backgrounds

>It also always knew where it was going to go.

One Piece >>>>>>>>>>> Naruto

I don't see the appeal in Kuudere characters.
They're overly insecure, too quiet/shy, and when they do speak, they're just cold and indifferent. When you finally get to see their dere side, it's usually more shyness and insecurity.
That doesn't mean I hate or dislike Chino or Hana, for example; I just prefer the others in their shows over them.


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Lucky Star is shit because it's just a gag show riding off the popularity of Haruhi Suzumiya.

I enjoyed Naruto both pre AND post timeskip. I can see where people are coming from in dismissing some of the powerlevelling, but the great Ninja war was fun.

Broly was an awful character in Dragon Ball Z. In a show where the higher number (power level) wins, all they did with Broly was make his number a bit higher than they usually would with any other villain.
Jiren was also a shitfest, except that's a moot point because Dragon Ball Super is all trash anyway.

No. Fuck no.

OP is a gag manga that has overstayed its welcome years ago.

Appreciating both 2D and 3D is fine, but swearing off 3D completely is bad, because you're replacing your natural attractions with a lower-quality substitute, much like a drug.
But, you already knew that.

Shows with all females or all males are generally bad, although there are rare exceptions.
I only say there are exceptions because I enjoyed New Game, because it actually had an interesting concept going for it around game development.

Based and Kubopilled.

The characters in that image
Ichigo- Starts off as an interesting new twist on a shonen mc. Ends up as a boring personality vacuum who's just reacts to what everyone else is doing rather than having his own agency.
Rukia- Starts out as an interesting female shounen character who is then cast into irrelevancy for 70% of the series
Orihime- starts off as the cute and funny comic relief. Ends up a whiny pair of tits who's only purpose is to repeatedly remind us how great Ichigo is, just in case were not getting it from his sparkling personality.
Ishida- starts of as an interesting rival with some unusual quirks for shounen. His relationship with ichigo was pretty layered. Ends up an absolute waste of panel space.
Chad- Starts of petty cool. Ends up a literal who? You could erase Chad and nothing of value will be lost.

What a barrel of shit the main characters of bleach turned into. At least there where a few good side characters but they never got enough panel time.

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Watching seasonals purely because they're airing is a waste of time. Anons should be more selective about the shows they watch, and they might actually enjoy anime more.