One Piece

Hopefully Oda puts him on a colorspread soon. I mean, he is a Straw Hat after all.

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Smoilers are out.

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Is Shanks really a Cosmic Dragon?


how can a 9ft tall male be so cute, so feminine, so perfect

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Kiku is boring and Shit.

By being Kiku

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He just was in one.


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She’s a big girl

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I'm worried about the Ideo Pirates. They only have four members, and to my knowledge, none of them are doctors or navigators or shipwrights. The New World is no joke, they might get wiped out if they don't get some more crew. You think they're recruiting?

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I thought it was golden week? Are they giving us the chapter that was meant to come out last week since 2 weeks ago's was delayed?


I managed to get a shot of the next chapter early, here's jinbe's beast outfit.

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cute girl

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>Rocks D. Xebec?
>You mean the cabin boy?

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Obviously a fake

Does Oda have the balls to kill off a straw hat?

Kikuscholars sound off

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Oda wouldn't be that lazy.
If it is it's a really good one, Ulti looks just like Oda's style.

its going to be Jinbei

Ulti's pretty basic. The King is more impressive if this was a fake. Much harder to replicate Oda's style for that design.

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Is Shanks really Imu's son?

>If I keep saying it, it will come true

Kikuscholars have determined that Black Maria weighs about 2.7 tons and would need 28,899 calories per day to stay alive. She could feed herself with twenty pounds of meat or with the semen from 4800 orgasms, perhaps making her a literal semen demon.

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>with the semen from 4800 orgasms, perhaps making her a literal semen demon.
Or she could just eat food like a normal person?

...Did you speedread my two-sentence post?

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>She could feed herself with twenty pounds of meat
oh so she has the same meat intake as Luffy

Clearly fake since there is no jump on print this week, but very good effort on any other week I wouldn't even doubt the legitimacy of them

Why would she be a semen demon if she could eat food? I'm saying that added sentence was retarded.

Well they did delay the issue two weeks ago and gave it to us last week, so it stands to reason that last week's would already be done but it's not shipping. Maybe it's going online.

Black Maria is the only one who seems to have natural horns

holy fuck oda doesnt know how to draw woman their all nami

It came from a Korean website who also leaked the last chapter