Is she best girl?

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I don't like to think too hard about Jill because the longer you think about it, the more you realize it's very likely she didn't get a fairy tale ending once our savior protagonist left her to fend for herself. The world as a whole changed for the worse and she most likely died off-screen, hopefully if she was lucky. It's like in an RPG where you save a town and there's a big celebration but there's still a world cataclysm 1 month later so it was kinda all for nothing. Sorry for the rambling, yes she was best girl, Lost Children is my favorite Berserk arc.

>the thought that we could've had jill instead of shitsidro
if only she had met guts a little later

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I want to fight wars for her

Building off of this, why didn't miura just do this? She would have been a much better representation of a "kid guts" than isidro, because she has actually endured suffering in her life. Guts can relate to her as well.
>she was raped as a defenseless child
>The one person she could call a friend turned into vicious hellspawn.

I hope Miura didn't forget about her and she's in Falconia otherwise that would mean she's dead...

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She wasn't raped.

>Jill wasn't raped
she definitely was, by her father's drunk friends.

No she wasn't. If she was knowing Miura he would have showed it, especially because it would had been related to Guts.

Even if she wasn't technically raped, which I think she was. How would that mean she couldn't relate to guts. Rape, attempted rape. Same difference.

Since end of Golden Age Miura has been getting less and less, for lack of a better word "edgy". Children getting raped on panel isn't in the pipeworks anymore.

it's heavily implied that her father's friends have raped her in the past and that's why she's so afraid of them, and why she blocks her bedroom door to prevent him from getting in.

Where was she victim of attempted rape?

Not really, Lost Children was easily worse than Black Swordman and Golden Age

It's not, she blocks her bedroom because her parents always fight and his father beats her up frequently

You think? Black Swordsman had a baby impaled on a pike and Donovan, Golden Age had Casca getting fucked to being comatose. Lost children just had murder and implied paedophilia.

>it's heavily implied that her father's friends have raped her in the past
Miura has never implied anything like this, why do you think this? Read it again, in panel where she blocks the door of her bedroom it was even explained that she does that because her drunk father had a habit of hitting her.

That's not her dad.

I think its on par with Golden age. Black swordman wasnt really dark compared to it and Lost children tb h.

Are you feigning ignorance, or can you really not read between the lines?

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finna pollinate her flower if you know what i mean

This is after she ran off home. how does it prove she was raped? You're using your headcanon

I don't think she was raped. Attempted maybe yes that could be implied but the way she acts doesn't seem like she was actually raped.

There is a difference between headcanon and inferring based on what we are shown. Does this show her literally being raped? No, but we can assume it has happened in the past based on the way she was anticipating one of her fathers friends to come to her room and so she quickly blocks the door. I mean christ do you need everything spelled out for you?

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How does this prove she was RAPED? Attempted and rape aren't the same thing, jesus christ dude.

You're retarded. There was attempted raped and that's it. She wasn't raped at any point.

>guy literally walks off in the same panel
If she was Miura would have made it more explicit, he isn't the kind of writer who would hesitate to write this stuff.

the point was she could relate to guts
>He now flips his argument from "where was the attempted rape?" to "where was the rape?"
I still think there are enough clues there to tell you she was raped in the past, if not, molested.
>she readily stood guard with a stick beside the door to barricade.
how retarded do you have to be to not deduce this has happened before?

Golden age was by far the darkest. I mean, it has to be. What guts went through had to be so horrible for it to be even more interesting.

we get it, you fap to rape now stop projecting your fetishes on the media you consume

>projecting your fetishes
yeah right, as if there isn't enough rape already in berserk for me to not have enough material.

you took the bait