Bros, I am literally crying right now

Bros, I am literally crying right now

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Over this melodramatic piece of shit anime?

one of the most overrated piece of shit i ever seen

fuck you

>huh what is this shit when is the MC going super saiyan

>b-but it's one of the most high-rated anime on my animelist bro!!!!!

I watched 1 episode of this hoping it would be something like Nodame and when that manlet soi protagonist started doing his underwater metaphor garbage i literally just closed and deleted this shit.

>everything they like is bad and everything else is good
very informed opinion you have there buddy

then you are pussy.
me being the god that I am dropped this shit 11 eps in, and I only lasted that long because it is my friends favorite

>top animes are overrated to hell and back stuff like Steins;Gate, FMA, Kimi no Na Wa, Gintama, Koe no Katachi and Attack on Titan
>>>everything they like is bad

This show is ass. Beautiful art and a good concept, but just overall wasted potential. Too much melodrama

bruh these kids are like 12 how is this shit sad, literally move on

I guess the beginning is not that bad, but it only gets more and more hokey as the story goes on. It feels like the author keeps begging us to feel sorry for them.

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Also this, they should be at least high school age or something, maybe have part time jobs.

I liked it when it was about music, but it turns into a korean drama at the end.

You are being manipulated. They want you to cry because any emotional impact is good impact. Do not give up to their melodramatic trickery.

isnt that the objective of melodramatic anime?


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currently watching plastic memories
i watched ano hana, OP one, suka suka, angel beats, little busters, and violet everganden
give me some good cry bait anime, i want to feel like shit
im not watching clanad.
next one on the list is kanon

I haven't watched this, but I can probably assume from these two replies that it was one of the greatest anime ever made.

>noooooo you can't have standards if it's popular it's good

Yeah that's how it goes. You are in the minority therefore you objectively have shit taste.

t. Wan Piss retard

I still give them credit that they kill her and it wasn't a happy end.
This wouldn't be still memorable if she survived.

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I remember watching this shit back in 2016 or something like that. I figured out that the blonde bitch was going to die from cancer or something since the first episode, how am I supposed to care if the main plot element is so obvious

>overrated to hell
>lists good stuff

Your Lie In April was one of around 5 anime that came out in the past decade that was actually good

I Want To Eat Your Kidney is the same genre of "cute girl with terminal illness befriends boy" show.

Planetarian, ideally read the VN if you aren't a fag


>post thread
>500 posts of "it's overrated lmao" "no it's not" "lol u suck"
Kill yourself, all of you.

>having this bad of taste
the only good anime between those is FMA and yes it's way too overrated still

is this good

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