Tell me about Yoruichi.

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she has smelly armpits

How do you know?

Pure sex.

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Tell me in details.

She's a rimjob goddess

Semen demon

Rimming or being rimmed?


Demons are bad, user.
Are men supposed to resist her?

as far as renji is concerned, her and ichigo have the same butthole quality

Actual best girl in the series.

no way fag

What about manga in general?

easily one of the hottest girl in anime

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Who are the others?

yoko, faye, esdeath, revy
desu bleach has several of them, see rangiku, neliel or halibel but yoruichi still takes the cake for me

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I've always preferred Soi Fin, she's my favorite Bleach girl. I like the slim but not anorexic type with small breasts and the slightly short hair is cute.

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She is soft
She purrs
She has thunder thighs
She is loving
She is a dom
But most importantly she is not real

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The best

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I love that futa porn animation with her and Rangiku.

made for /ss/

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you better be more specific, there are a couple of them

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Peak chocolate.

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I have never had any interest in this series but I've likely spent a litre's worth for this girl over the past 15 years.

That's a shame her personality and badassery is on par with how good she looks

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The only brown girl I like.

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Honestly dykes in shounen works are the best.
Same with Quanxi design in CSM.

Man I hope we get some great doujins of her now that the anime's returning.

She and her shota brother will double tag Soi Fon, that is certain.