Why do girls like this series so much?

Why do girls like this series so much?

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I gave up on this show 2/3 of the way

I'm a man and I loved it till the final 3/4 episodes.

It is not just girls.

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I loved it too desu

>why this series
Probably because there aren't very many other series with mature female MC's who aren't reducible to tropes.

>mature female MC

You can't possibly be referring to Hachiko here, so I'll assume you're talking about the other Nana. But even then Nana O's maturity consists mostly of a front she puts up because she wishes to project an image of 'adultness', as she's really an incredibly selfish and ego centered person who values the appearance of independence more than she does her relationship with the person who cares about her the most.

32 yo male (male) here.
Still waiting for Ai to fucking finish this shit so i can see nana and nana finally reunite again

Whats this scheisse?


man I didn't even know there was a show, I'm about half way through the manga

Yes, that's my point exactly: they're complex characters. By 'mature' I meant only to exclude young girls, because if you take away shows where the MC is a child or young teenager the list of anime with interesting female MCs shrinks to a pretty short list, and one that's even shorter if you exclude older teenagers or particularly excellent examples of adolescents (starred):

Death Parade
* Dennou Coil
* Haibane Renmei
* Hibike! Euphonium
* Kare Kano
Millenium Actress
Nodame Cantabile
* Oniisama E...
Otona Joshi no Anime Time
Perfect Blue
Sakura Quest
Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
* Sora Yori mo
* Windy Tales

What else would you add to this list?

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How did this end?

Because the characters are written like humans.

Because they can self insert with the dumb worthless whore who fuck with rockstars.

he sexy

Needs a crossover with Shiori Experience

It didn't. It's still on hiatus. Author still hasn't cancelled it and still hasn't continued it. You think berserkfags and hxhfags have it bad?

Serei no moribito.
2nd half of Erin The Beast Player
Maybe Katanagatari? Maybe Ergo Proxy?

>Cringe but somewhat accurate portrayal of japanese punk scene which is mostly fashion aesthetics
I like everything except pink Nana, which is half of the story, which is why I don't like it.


Same. The pregnancy test scene is a harsh filter.

How? It's one of the few interesting things to happen at that point. It's the aftermath of it that really shows how spineless and absolutely cucked the characters are that would seal it.

Shit, i remember watching this as a young kid on TV, i was not prepared and it kindoff spooked me off from relationship.
Still really like it.

For some reason i want to hear Nana Mizuki singing this

By that time I've seen enough of the cast to know shit's going down the drain. I'm kinda curious now if a single genuinely positive thing came up in the story that followed, but not curious enough to force my way through this shitstorm.

At some point Yazawa Ai was one of the top mangakas and put in the same tier of Inoue, Miura, Urasawa & Ito. Nana was the hottest selling manga and suddenly the hiatus. It always feels wrong to me how things turned for bad.

because women are retarded

>missing honey and clover, the king of josei

Hibike, masotan, sakura quest, and shirobako dont really belong with the other titles on this list

Spice and Wolf.

Nothing happens: the series