Yas Forums Sings - Macross Delta (Ikenai Borderline)

Yas Forums Sings - Macross Delta (Ikenai Borderline)

Hello anons, we're going to be singing Ikenai Borderline. Please send me some passionate singing!

None so far, but there are some other Yas Forums sings that are ending soon that will be posted below

This is the song in case you are not familiar with it.

[email protected]

>starter pack
Contains song, instrumental, and lyrics to help you get started.

>is this part of Collective Yas Forumsss 3?

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Collective Yas Forumsss Volume 3 txt ver 1.65

Songs finished
>Yas Forums sings - Kyouran Hey Kids
>Yas Forums sings - Catch You Catch Me

Songs due soon:
Other than Bitter step, I have no other deadline FOR NOW.

>More One Night (Girls' Last Tour ED)
>Ringo Mogire Beam (Zan SZS OP)
Are NO LONGER accepting submissions, deadline has been reached and we got some hefty amount of submissions.
(About 30 or more for each, in case you're curious)
Mixers plan to release some time next month or so?
They're at least ready to mix and are underway, please be patient.

>any Yas Forums sings NOT related to Yas Forumsss 3?
Brave Heart (Digimon Adventure)
Haru wa Yuku (Heaven's Feel Part 3)

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>Yas Forums sings - Haru wa Yuku (Heaven's Feel Part 3)

Sakurachads, Rinfags, Saberfags, Illyafags, yes, even you Shinjifag, you HAVE to contribute to this Yas Forums sings!
You have been spectators of more than 15 years of Fate/Stay Night to reach this climax, so you gotta do your best and participate, wether be it singing, drawing or posting your favorite memes!
This is not just any Yas Forumssings, it's a celebration for all of us Fatefags, wether you love Sakura or not, everything relevant that will be sent will be used!
Think about it, this may be the last original VN adaptation, so let's make something unforgettable, anons!


You can find the lyrics there: miraikyun.com/haru-wa-yuku-aimer-lyrics/
Send everything by mail at [email protected]

You have until the 3rd movie airs to participate, so don't be shy, take the time you need, but we need (YOU), to make this cherry blossom dream come true!

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I'd love to join in, but I have to say, if you're going to link an ikenai borderline, then link the better one: youtube.com/watch?v=8lLxdLhuUu4

I thought Yas Forums sings was a single song with a bunch of people singing different splices, not just different people singing a single song each for an album.

You thought correctly. Ut/a/u Kuso is a different but related thing.

This is ut/a/u kuso. It's just a compilation of anons singing in the threads to bump the threads. Not related to Yas Forums sings projects.

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Isn't this the better one? I'm just comparing the vid to my copy of the song.

By this, I mean the song in the OP

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user, OP has a link to a starter zip
>starter pack
>Contains song, instrumental, and lyrics to help you get started.

I disagree. I think the one in the OP is just superior. Musically and vocally.

The instrumentals sound like they were... I don't know the word for it. If it was photoshop I would say desaturated and blurred. The other one is more crisp.

Ah, okay. Thanks for clearing that up.

I think we're misunderstanding each other. I did say that the song in the OP was the superior one compared to the post

What's it like listening to a bunch of neckbeards sing poorly while mispronouncing words?

It's pretty heartwarming
remains one of my favorites

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compilation from anons to make bumping threads more interesting
Just in case anyone missed it

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missed this thread, glad im seeing it now
oh my based

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Bump the thread with your voices, yo

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