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Is Karyl waifu of the season now?

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>of the season

the cumdumpster


She's not even the best girl in her own show.

She ruined the show actually

Can we just settle on what to call her already?


Carl of course

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Dumb cat

Carl sounds good.

cock sleeve

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Annoying bitch with an annoying voice only good for rape.


She looks cute, worth a watch?


it's one of those 6/10 shows you watch because everyone on the board was talking about it and there's cute girls doing cute things

It's the konosuba killer we been waiting for

Smart Cat

Sounds good to me. I don't mind cute girls doing cute things
Well I'm sold I found konosuba kinda meh so I'll give it a watch then.

I don't know, I dropped it.

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For me, it's Clair

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something about that bra just seems off to me and I can't figure out what


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....what are you planning on doing to the kitty user

Cumdump of the season.

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Train her to be obedient little kitty.

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why does she look so scared? why not headpat her to calm her down, it's concerning me

She's a traitor and is about to receive her punishment.

Punishment is sometimes necessary when a kitty is disobedient.