What the fuck? I thought this was a pure show

What the fuck? I thought this was a pure show.

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God just imagine lifting her up and fucking her on every piece of furniture in her house

Are 1-piece swimsuits not pure?

pure sex

They're sequsi and reserved for mature adult women.

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I always thought those were two parts.

That's what makes this scene so strangely hot though.

if you think thats lewd the problem is you

At least there isn't handholding

why do anime always have that obligatory 'shopping for a swimsuit' scene when they already have the sexiest swimsuit possible?

If you think it wasn't supposed to be lewd the problem is you're retarded.

They literally don't use school swimsuits in Japan anymore because they were sexualized by creepy pedos. There's no need to be obtuse.

How did you manage to get to that part without noticing the slow pan over the body of an 11 year old with big titties earlier in the episode?

Yes. It was pure.

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Only nudity is really pure because its not implying anything besides doing activities where clothes get in the way, like swimming.

She's pure user. Your mind is down the gutter.

She doesn't look 5-1 maybe like 4-1

Imagine smelling her used swimsuit

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Depends on how you wear them.

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smells of chlorine

my ass

>draw a JS
>call her a JC
Why does anime do this?

He can at most be partially right. Anything school girls wear will instantly get fetishized.

>can't even google

his ass.
literally just came from Japan last month after living there a few years and they still wear school swimsuits.
the design depends on the school, district and age of the kids.
in Junior High a lot of districts now go with a unisex full-body suit like what people wear in the olympics.

thats my favorite chapter

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because youre thinking of it like a retarded idiot
you should be thinking:
>draw a loli
>call it a loli

much better than meaningless age related letters in a medium where age is irrelevant

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Delete this

>oh, coomers?

>one of the characters is insane yandere stalker that has literal heart pupils in some of the scenes