That ending where Kurisu finds Okabe and tells him he'll always have her and his friends to help him...

>That ending where Kurisu finds Okabe and tells him he'll always have her and his friends to help him, that he'll never be alone through anything as long as theyre alive.
God damnit, I don't even care about the inconsistencies with the worldline jumping that put into this. This was so wholesome 10/10

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This movie isn't canon nor is the OVA

Despite it all not really making sense, the movie was really sweet.

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I agree, the time travel structure didn't make sense in this movie but it made up for it by being so touching/heartwarming

Why they never mention the events of this movie on 0?

>This was so wholesome 10/10

Because the movie is not canon. It didn't happen and the whole timeline contradicts 0.

Nothing in it is relevant to 0.

Because Zero is not canon. It ignores a bunch of stuff from original Steins;Gate and it just fucking sucks in general

It's canon to the anime

The events of 0 would take place before the movie, if they were part of the same canon but they're not.

0, the movie and Steins;Gate itself are all non-canon. Only Steins;Gate: My Darling's Embrace is actually canon.

But the movie and 0 literally cannot be cannon at the same time. What does it even mean when you say it is canon to the anime.

The movie leads up from the OVA and the OVA has Harus wife who is not the one from 0. Say whatever you like but that is not possible so either you say the movie and the OVA is canon or 0 is not canon.

>Only Steins;Gate: My Darling's Embrace is actually canon.
The greatest redpill of all.


But both Kagari and Kurisu go back in time to met young Okabe, a point in time where the divergence didn't existed, it means that no matter what timeline you were in you would always go back to the same point, in this case young Okabe on the train station, so both should be related, and now that I think about it, wouldn't Kurisu doing what she did in the movie alter the entirety of the story by creating a new divergence back when Okabe was young? How or why did Kurisu go back to the Steins Gate after doing something like that??? It shouldn't be possible given that the Steins Gate is the one timeline without all the timetravel fuckery, to begin with Okabe just traveling from one timeline to the other like nothing didn't made much sense but come on.

You're missing the point and overthinking this.

Only My Darling's Embrace is canon.

>Kurisu is a pedo
10/10, God I wish I was shota Okabe
I liked the movie, it's canon for me

What did Kurisu mean by this?

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She loves Okabe a lot

>you can only enjoy this series by not thinking
Well alright.

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Lewd lewd

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That's a given with Kurisu. She's a lewd, lewd girl.

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She has 3 butt cheeks in this photo

>Gets wet and thinks about getting pounded in a hotel while she's in public
Yeah pretty lewd

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Is that true?

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>He hasn't listened to the drama CD

There's no way to know if she actually got wet but she did get horny imagining Rintaro fucking the shit out of her while she was out shopping for a gift for him.

Fuck she really is a horny pervert.

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