Did Japan lose the know how to make anime?


I was watching this anime opening, it is from 1982. And honestly, it looks way better than anything I saw this year.

Moden anime feels souless.

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Minky Momo R.I.P.

Nobody makes good children's shows anymore. Everything is cynical braindead shit for retarded teens and adults. There is no champion for the younger audience right now and there hasn't been for quite a while.


Pretty much. The stuff that is aimed at kids is transparently and solely made to sell toys, and everything else is varying degrees of pandering to bitter lonely otaku. There's precious little anymore that's truly just the author telling a story they want to tell and animation staff putting loving care into it.

HxH 2011 is probably the first example that comes to mind when thinking about animators pouring love into their work

The lack of masculine, alpha, macho protagonist is the cause... or the effect?

You have to read manga if you want something that isn't soulless.

>The lack of masculine, alpha, macho protagonist
>in children's shows
>as exemplified by Minky fucking Momo
Wait, what.

Most manga people hype up appeal to the cynical teen and adult crowd. I blame Saint Seiya, idols and stupid shit like Boys Over Flowers for killing the shoujo demographic.

I'm not talking about minky momo, but anime (and manga) for kids in general (shounen).
Most MC nowadays are wimpy beta incel who's obsessed with sex.

>for kids in general (shounen).
Most series for kids aren't shounen, user. Hell, I don't know if I'd say most shounen are for kids anyway, most seem like they're targeted at the teen audience.

>MC nowadays are wimpy beta incel who's obsessed with sex
I'm getting even more confused, what sex-obsessed shounen MCs do we have right now?

I blame corporate adults and otaku consumers becoming the workforce for killing the shoujo demographic. Let's be honest, they're doing it for themselves, and not the "shojou demographic" (that is to say, little kids)

Shonen manga is targeted towards ~14 year old boys. At least overtly. A lot of series seem to be throwing in shit to appeal to girls that would otherwise be reading shoujo manga.

> Moden anime feels souless.

>Nobody makes good children's shows anymore

Pokemon Sun and Moon, Heybot, Aikatsu, Gegege no Kitaro, Precure, and Prichan

>appeal to the cynical teen and adult crowd
Sounds like this thread, to be honest.

>look at me guys, i'm a fag

I feel like the shift from producers making content for the obsessed consumers rather than dedicated fans and casual watchers kind of made in part with that during the late 2000's

Also I just want to say that shonen manga tend to have better art and stuff in general than shoujo manga. I think shoujo manga causes itself issues with the kinds of things they allow to be published. I hate WSJ axing stuff left and right as well but from what I've seen I don't think shoujo magazines are selective enough and it just means that there's no real growth and quality improvement within the demographic.

I do like the occasional shoujo manga still but they tend to feel more amateur than shonen.

Katrielle layton aired 1-2 years ago. Easily one of the better shows out there that no one watched because it wasn't being streamed on the bigger platforms.
It's a good mystery show.

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the shoujo manga demographic was never little kids. it was always teen girls. little kids shows are still around, but the shoujo demographic got absorbed into shounen after it got splintered into live action with movie and drama adaptations after shit like got popular

>Pokemon Sun and Moon, Heybot, Aikatsu, Gegege no Kitaro, Precure, and Prichan
It's really, really funny that these are your best examples. They're complete cynical products, besides one, which is a remake of a half a century old series. God, I really wish that you were dead.

>They're complete cynical products,
Are you trying to imply Minky Momo didn't sell toys or what? Have you even seen Minky Momo or Creamy Mami? Have you even watched the shows you're dismissing at cynical?

>God, I really wish that you were dead.
Really sounding like one of those edgy teenagers you're complaining about.

>after shit like got popular
I'd question that. Not the fact that HYD is garbage, but blaming it for shoujo anime adaptations dying. HYD was the early 90s, shoujo anime adaptations were common and popular until 2010 or so.

>producers making content for the obsessed consumers rather than casual watchers
You mean when OVAs first became a thing in the 80s?

I don't think 14 year olds is what anyone else talking about "kids series" ITT means.

Feels like a whole lot changed financially in terms of anime being a viable medium. So many other things affect the final product as well, not just money. Like I already know were never going to have a movie with the same level of detail and technicality as Akira, Metropolis, or GITS, as a lot of the specialized artistry of the older anime industry isn't here anymore. Or maybe we will get something similar, but won't have the zeitgeist those movies have. A bit off topic, but this is the sole reason why reboots don't work.

He's just being retarded and stuck in the past. Milquetoast MCs were a 2000s thing. 2010s MCs tended to be wish-fulfillment and overpowered.

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In hindsight anime never recovered from the ova dying as an artform. There's necessarily going to be production tradeoffs between staff working on 5 episodes of an ova over the course of 8 months vs staff working on 12 episodes over the course of 3 months.
Anime went wide instead of deep almost without exception and so here we are.

OVAs were crap, though.

HYD didn't directly cause it, yes. But it basically opened the floodgate for all sorts of shitty imitators and j-drama/k-drama copies of it that we got more and more of in the 2000s. It started the push towards live action. The Saint Seiya iteration in the 2000s sparked a bunch of interest in pretty bishounen boys as well.

Considering every kid has a smartphone now, children themselves don't give a fuck about traditional kid--friendly stuff since they can see as much sex and violence as they can.