Your favorite anime receives VEG level production values. How much it improves?

Your favorite anime receives VEG level production values. How much it improves?

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a lot

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Stop making these garbage VEG threads

Only hater ones are garbage.

>Strike Witches
The seizure inducing glares might not be worth the trouble. Just imagine them flying in the sky then they go under the sun, and just like that 5 to 10 lolicon anons starts shaking on the floor.

No, all of them objectively are. Just a shithole of bait and mental illness.

Madotranny here, it would ruin it.


i'd like to give my VEG production values to someone else's favorite that needs it more than i do
t. E7fag

I'd shill for it like it was the second coming of Christ to everyone I know

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>sukasuka gets made by KyoAni
I would be happy

it loses its charm

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I dont know if Konosuba would be improved if they got the VEG prouctions and design.

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Steins;Gate have good direction and shot composition though, VEG objectively was garbage when to came to these.

You're objectively retarded.

>t. brainlet

t. Retards that see nice animation and shitty filters and think it's good because of it

> nice animation
considering the thread is quite literally talking about production value, you're the fucking idiot here.

VEG has

>good animation
>good sound design
>two very good episodes (5 and 10)

combined with

>bad cinematography
>bad lighting & filters
>bad worldbuilding
>boring MC
>snail pacing

My favorite anime, which is one already mentioned in this thread and actually has a real sense of aesthetic instead of just SAKUGA onanism, would become much worse with Violet Evergarden's production values.


>it's bad because I say it's bad

That's how VEGetables argue along with posting the same fucking webm of Violet jumping into water with like 80 quick cuts and water that looks like jello.

>Inferno Cop
It actually decreases in quality.

Sora Yori. It no longer time flops.

Woah really showed me user
I hate Violet Evergarden now

t. redditor

>It's given the privilege to witness one of the new milestones of animation history
>"looks like jello"
Life is wasted on the young.

Why would I want my favorite anime full of forced dishonest animation?

>forced dishonest

Ugh, fighting the VEGfags' retarded buzzwords with more retarded buzzwords.

This Sometimes simplicity is part of the style. Not everything can be fixed by throwing more moeny.. and certainly not VEG's shitty plot