Kimetsu no Yaiba

Favorite blood demon art?

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Akaza’s Battle Compass of the Waifu.

>Another general

Douma's last ditch mega buddha was cool
Koku's sword burst was awesomeas well, especially since its so lethal

Douma's but I also like Akaza's fireworks and snowflake pattern too.

I have a feeling battle compass will be one of the cooolest looking blood demon arts once animated. think like how in frozen the icicles expanding are animated, kinda like that

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You stupid puta mitsufag. This is a Zenitsu thread now

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Too late dear.
Remember your tier

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It won't be a problem as long as people at least discuss stuff and not spamming bs

Do we really need a general?

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Just to shippost and fag about

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Gen is lucky to have a brother like Sane who teaches him lewd things

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no but we can't stop people from making one. You could try reporting. or bumping other threads and force general thread to be archived.


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these two for me too, im excited to see them in motion

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Kokushibou obviously
We had a pretty in depth discussion about his friday I think? Hes definitely one of the best writen characters in the series

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lets continue this shall we
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The series is almost ending and you retards are still bitching every thread. Clearly that has no effect so give up and leave.

That only works if the thread is on Page 10, dumbass.

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Who gives a shit anymore. There won't be any threads in a couple of months anyways (besides maybe when the anime is airing)

Aside from demons tho my favourite character is salami and then genya

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Asking again for people who missed it because I'm curious.
Who is your favorite character and how long have you been a fan of him/her?

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The movie will give it a burst for a week or two. But thats like 6 months away

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Kokus sword spam

Genya, ever since swordsmith. Best demon slayer death in series imo.

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I want fujos to leave

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What cuts of human do you think Koku and Akaza prefer?
Douma just vores down women like a blender, but I feel like Akaza and Koku would be more picky, both in human selection and parts that they eat

Always and forever

seeing a picture of inosuke's design in the catalog was what made me interested enough to pick up the series in the first place, so from the beginning i guess
but also its hard to firmly pick a single favorite character

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>ask a question about if having constant threads is necessary
>'wow stop bitching'
Well sorry for asking I guess.

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Can you fuck off please? I don't give a shit about what you ship but your spamming is getting obnoxious

Kanao since function recovery training. I have a thing for autistic anime girl. Don't know but she's someone I want to cheer on. The more bully she gets the more I want her to be happy.

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incest hot
ok lets do one more incest hot each but no more cause its gonna devolve into shipping fast otherwise

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You retards ask this every thread and the answer is always the same.

It's not necessary but we might as well since these are the last few weeks we'll have to shitpost before the anime wait

The whole thread is for fun
So if you want an answer, yes it is necesary. Its fun for some people. Maybe not you, but for those making it and posting it, it is

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Well maybe give a proper answer instead of calling the person a bitch and we'll stop asking