IshiBame date next week. Will it go smoothly, or will it be ruined? If it is ruined, who is the culprit?

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Aka will fit the date in a single volume alongside Hayasaka arc? Expect "Ishigami, meanwhile", gag and other POV chapters.

Since this thread certainly will become shitposting thread, lets discuss new chapter on here

Fuck off Duplica, no gives a shit about thread autism here.

Leave ishigami to me

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It will go smoothly and hopefully we will all laugh at that RGB Mikofag lolcow again.

>IshiBame date next week

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Nino is only good for pump and dump

Am I the only who wouldn't mind either IshiBame or IinoGami? I just want Ishigami to be happy, and both girls seem like they'd be okay for him in the long run.

Soon brothers

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For me, it's IshiKino!

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It makes me angry when people say OP 2 is on the same level as OP 1. I hate dishonest people. Stop lying to yourselves.
I refuse to watch season two unless someone either a) edits the opening out of each episode or b) replaces it with good ol' opening 1.

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The Scooby stride > Meme dance

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>If it is ruined, who is the culprit?
Ootori will ruin it

Won't be there a break next week?


Yes due to golden week. But there might be early spoilers anyway.

I unironically want this.

Cause you got soul my brotha

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Imagine all the butthurts if this ends up happening

Imagine having taste this shitty

It'll end up interrupted just like Prez/Kaguya's by F. Aka is a master of foreshadowing.

Next week is golden week, so no.

So next episode is Hayasaka fake date, Fake Confession, Miko Introduction?

Onodera has it in the bag.

>Miko Introduction

We'll know like 6 hours from now but sounds about right

will save this shit anime

Read this.

>Next issue
Golden Week is mandatory though, and it's not the first time Kaguya had a break because of it.

Sorry. Forgot pic.

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Hayasaka a cute. CUTE!!!

The second opening is actually animated whereas the first opening is just bunch of slide shows, loops and whatnot.

The new opening is fucking gorgeous.

Does F not wear a bra? Lawdy