Honestly crazy that this random-ass horror comedy has some of the best monster designs in modern manga

Honestly crazy that this random-ass horror comedy has some of the best monster designs in modern manga.

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the last one was a necromorph ripoff

It's a jorugumo dude

wanna know how I can tell that you've read all of maybe 20 manga?

Name five modern horror manga with cooler monsters. I'll be generous and say you can choose anything back to 2010, even though this one came out in 2018.

That's just a girl in an empty hallway though?

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Miko is cute when she cries.

modern manga can't horror

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What Nihei is that from? I don't remember seeing it in any of the ones I've read, but maybe I missed it.


the most terrifying monster of all

Did i miss the last chapter after this one? I feel like it's hard finding Mieruko threads. what day of the month does it usually come out?

Its been damn near 2 months since the last chapter. Is it on hiatus due to corona?

I have no idea. Again I thought I had missed threads on it.

Izumi has been busy playing Animal Crossing

cute desu

I'm curious to find out what direction it's going to take. I don't think something like this works as a monthly series, a oneshot was more suitable.

read more manga

Why, you telling me he's lying?

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Name five user. It shouldn't be too hard for a worldly scholar like yourself to come up with the a mere 5 newer horror mangas with a cooler array of monsters than this one. Right? Unless it actually is pretty good and you're just being contrarian.

So chapter 24 never coming out right? At least until the author gets bored of playing animal crossing?

Fuck off, retard.

>modern horror manga
Not those anons, but that's pretty damn different from "modern manga" in general like the OP said.

Not him or OP either but presumably that's where all the cool scary monster designs would be. Well, I'm more a slice of life guy so I don't know much about the other genres but if I did want to look at neat creature things I'd probably check that genre.

Not saying these are better than Mieruko-chan but I AM going to list 5 manga/authors I think are sorta in the same category

>The Junji Ito stuff (lumped together)
>Fuan no Tane/PTSD Radio
>Vanilla Spider
>Kemono Jihen

I have also learned today that I consider the works of authors to all be one sort of lump rather than rank them individually, at least when comparing them to other mangaka. Like, I wouldn't rank every Junji story individually in a list with Mieruko-chan in it, I'd put my opinion of the Junjiverse as a whole against that manga's author. idk if that's a good way to rank things but whatever.

fuck off, I'm not spoonfeeding you anything, regret you ever made this thread years later when you've actually read more manga, I'd say this manga is good but you're going too far with saying "one of the best" monster designs

Presumably OP is measuring best design with how creepy it is in which case he's still right. The designs of the monsters often tell a story just by glancing at them while also being unsettling.

If you can't back up your claims get out of the thread.

Any manga similar to Fuan no Tane? I like the short-stories format.

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PTSD Radio

learn english, I told you to read more manga instead of useless rambling about some other manga and comparing it

How do you know I haven't read a ton of manga and decided this was one of the best of the newer ones? You're the one assuming the problem is I haven't read enough.

The insanely good art of mieruko is weird.
How many assistants is there

He's baiting you. Stop replying.