Do you even know who this is?

Do you even know who this is?

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Sailor Mars?

Why do you make this thread every day?
And you don't even post best girl Kohaku. What a baka

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Isn't it sad?

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Yes, that is Azaka Kokutou

No, every female character Nasu makes looks exactly the same.

Rin 0.5


Worst girl.


Fake imouto

>Do you even know who this is?

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Literally the only good thing Type-Moon ever made was Tsukihime. Fate, and especially FGO are complete trash

That's Tohsaka Rin from Fate Grand Order, of course.

tsukihime animu when?

t. secondary

>best girl
>psycho who drugs people

Of course I know Zelda from Ever 17.

Not even best maid.

Yeah, she's from Melty Blood.

>Aoko 3.0
>Azaka Kokuto 2.0
>Genderflipped Kaie Karyou
Take your pick

>better than anyone

maybe ciel but that's it

Based originals fag, but Azaka is just an Aoko-clone who's a but bro-con.

Trips knows what's up

My Magician brotha.

Aoko with no curves, who can't use sorcery let alone TRUE MAGIC, isn't the top bitch at her school, not the president of the student council, inherited her clan not because she's SUPERIOR but because the other options are a psycho killer NEET or the illegitimate adopted son of your dad's worst enemies, and is tainted with demon blood. But she's got the brunette to red hair thing down.

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Aoko a shit

I didn't know people from /tmg/ post here
Never ever, and that's for the best. Best you can hope for is a remake, or at least a remastered version of the original


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>Akiha: runs a whole estate and manages extensive family politics all on her own as a high schooler despite constantly suffering from psychological problems from demon blood and having to keep her adopted brother on lifesupport
>Aoko: Magic hobo who can barely run a bath, shit mage with one functional circuit who's only good for blowing shit up, can't even get boys her own age, only beats her universally superior sister by tapping into Blue tard rage, is essentially a negligent monster that will destroy the universe and constantly having to run from her pathetic and stupid decisions

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.
>Akiha: gets possessed by fucking Roa
>Just fucking powers through it and resumes all of the shit she was dealing with before.

Akiha. The type moon heroine with the hottest H scene in the entire series. Thanks Len.