What's the single greatest arc in manga history Yas Forums???????

What's the single greatest arc in manga history Yas Forums???????

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You already posted it

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Can't wait to see more of Kan Ki soon

it's Chimera Ant even normies know that

coalition arc is the goat


not gonna lie this is one of my favourite shots

Kingdom peaked in the Coalition Arc

Zhao arc has been shit almost non-stop

bad taste

Shogun assasination arc
Hype and twists every chapter

> zhao invasion arc

It gonna be over soon in 3 - 4 chapter

I dropped this after it's deviate too much from real history. I mean, dude supposed to murder the shit out of his whore of a mother, her lover, and her bastard kids, but what nooo muh good MC.
This is based on the history of a guy who got famous for burning books and killing scholars man, show how ruthless he actually is.

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He will go Cruelty ruling after China unified. I'm think

Not really a question

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nothing can compare to this

Water 7

depends on the genre


Shohoku vs Sannoh

Hueco Mundo arc in Bleach

"Karakuri side - main act" in Karakuri Circus. Kazuhiro Fujita is one of the few mangaka who can engage you in his storytelling.

Golden Age

God that fucking arc dragged on for way too long. If the entire arc was closer to what the second half was, it might've been the best

Lost children arc in berserk

Golden Age

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Golden age arc by far. That aint even up for debate

The Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament - Sakigake otokojuku
Undoubtedly the best tournament arc ever made

Monster Assosiation arc from One Punch Man webcomic, Murata's manga has way too much filler.

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great joke

Baiken arc in Vagabond

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>WOah.... A MONSTER!!!
yeah, no.

The lu bu death arc from the far better China media than the dogshit you posted.

And now it's becoming the greatest arc in anime history too

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Nobod cares about the dogshit anime