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Why are Precure villians always so fucking hot

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Imagine choosing to the start the thread with a literal hag over 60 cute cures we have. HGfags need to go.

cute thirsty debiru

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I fucking love shindoine

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Because ever since Smile, Precure became less of a kids show

Hags need love too.

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She's pretty cute compared to most of the hag generals.

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Unlovely was the loveliest.

Vibry being an incredibly smug jackass is great, I can't wait to see what she does next. CL getting all excited upon seeing the Precure was really cute. I'm surprised though that someone like Yukari hasn't noticed that something's up with her, what with how she started shouting about kirakiraru all of a sudden and calls the precure 'legendary'. Wonder what's happening to Julio next ep. It's nice that although Ciel is definitely skilled she still has a ways to go. Ichika was a complete dork as usual but Whip was actually pretty cool this time.

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imagine how big her cock is


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She's cute. You can be attracted to those who aren't middle-school age too, you know?

>since Smile
>less of a kids show
wait, what?
that doesn't make any sense to me

What the fuck is this

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I miss Lala.

I miss Lala.

I miss Healin' Good.

What do you think Yuuko prefers more: Phantom, Unlovely or Phan-Phan?


Me too

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The ST movie always makes me cry without fail.

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I watched it for the first time a couple days ago and loved it, I've been listening to Twinkle Stars nonstop since

Milky’s shoulders and upper back

I can't believe she's dead

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Hell yeah

> hot girls are bad


OMG WE'RE GETTING THE DEKA COLORING BOOK! Thank you so much coloring book ainon for everything you do! I can't wait to see my chibi girls!

Don't worry, we'll get her back soon!

Nodoka isn't dead. Hikaru is.

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public service announcement