Share good first episodes of anime. Pic related was the best episode in the series by far.

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The Trigger Model: Spend a ton of money on the first episode, then regret it from there.

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probably the second best episode after the final one.
>inb4 normalfag

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Probably the best episode. The rest of the show is good.

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>inb4 calling me a normalfag*

I dropped it but easily the best first episode of this season.

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The other episodes are very similar to the 1st though.

agreed, but man i dropped every single show this season. idk if its them or me

Eizouken's first episode was definitely the best

>The Trigger Model: Spend a ton of money on the first episode, then regret it from there.
Given the number of retards who fall for this shit I doubt they regret anything.

idk if its the best episode, but pic definitely one of the best scenes in the show

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Did she died?

GS slit her throat out of mercy

Was she rapey rapey? :(

I didn't get to see the rest of the show, but that episode was a fucking hoot. I can't even imagine doing better.



Another girl DID get raped though.

One of her party members wasn't so lucky.

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we couldn't save her bros...

all women are whores

I haven't checked into the LN threads in a while, but isn't Priestess trying to cure her PTSD?

idk lol i cant read

Steins Gate first episode was pure brilliance.

Priestess is PURE

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you should watch the rest, one of the best shows in a long time. Though i heard the next arcs are all downhill :(

The first major arc after they escape is OK, the rest is irredeemable garbage. Really upset I didn't drop it even sooner.

damn, well it was kino while it lasted

watch it it is pretty damn good, dont watch the next seasons too keep it good

Every single episode was

>Every single episode was
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