Chino is getting married!

Chino is getting married!

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My wife Chino is so cute.

WTF, how did you get that picture of our wedding!?

This thread is lower quality than your mother's used up gaping cunt, OP.

who the fuck took that picture?


that ugly bastard is cursed


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You can fix this with a simple crop

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might as well put your face in there faggot

Chino-chan is so lucky!

me on the right.

hi honey

Vintage meme.

Based. And now everyone can self-insert, not just me.

False, Chino prefers gentleman of darker skin tones.

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Chino has great taste then! I hope she's sexually satisfied!

delet this

omg is this real

What the fuck guys, why did you never tell me that Chino is a size queen? I've wasted so much time thinking that she would accept my micro penis, but I wouldn't even be registered as a man in her mind, fuck you

>another husband
Gotta feel sorry for all the other ones at this point.

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what is it like to get married

fake, people with high amounts of melanin tend to impregnate a woman and then disappear, not marry her

It's like taking the long painful route to suicide instead of the short painless way.

Ain't that the truth

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he's playing the long con
she wouldn't let him have sex until she was married.