Maybe the real killing bites were the friends we raped along the way

Maybe the real killing bites were the friends we raped along the way...

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We need more fit-girl anime.

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My nigga

I felt bad for the MC, everyones was treating him like shit on season 1. The ratel bitch doesn't deserves him.

I love the fact that the anime improved the muscle tone.

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I get that, and that was the point. I hear it gets better in the manga, but I'm not current. Damn I need to fix that.

Excellent choice

Yes because he became a birdman and eventually bang the ratel.
But he passed as dead for his family and was forced to be a hobo for some years hiding his identity.

post the panda

THAT'S the fucking voice of Aqua? What's her vocal range?


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Season 2 FUCKING when?? Also, when will Arachnid get an anime?

I think I'll learn how to sculpt (better) and make one myself

whens the next chapter of lesbo wasps

I want to rape ratel!

new chapter when

>Season 2 FUCKING when??
Not soon enough.

Was Arachnid the one that ended in a rape zombie apocalypse?

the friends we raped along the way

canadian customs

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Someday Yuuya is going to fuck the shit out of Hitomi and impregnate her

and on that day, I will get some secondhand satisfaction from it



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Reminder that KB is on break this month.

Amamiya maybe could be a slut but she is not an A tier seiyu only for her looks or the dicks she sucked.

Its also the voice of Miia!

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This is dinopo, she is the next Ant queen. Say something nice about her

How big is her cock?

I hope she gets to build a nice Hymenospia with Chiyuri by her side.

I love the fact that her battle outfit is underwear and sneakers

Has there been no new chapters since the start of the first match? I think pure was fighting a panda