I don't get something about anime

How can a movie from a franchise, with so good animation, make so little money and have two secuels?

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bruh, it made six mill from a niche audience of anime watchers


>anime movie
>citing movie earnings outside japan

All anime regain their money thru merchandise such as episode settei books, figurines, art books and random items that are related to the anime it is selling then the movie is last from the earning computation.

For American ip, it's all about movie tickets and netflix rental.

But does netflix not help anime when it premieres and is successful?

is 6.3 mil a box office bomb for a 1 hr long movie?
And that's not even taking into account the blu ray sales.

The theatrical release is essentially just a gateway to sell more merch. Most releases of anime films have special pieces of merch for fans who go to the theater (for example, HxH Phantom Rogue gave a copy of Volume 0 to the first hundred or so at each theater).
The real money makers are
>the official BDs
>digital versions / streamed versions
>promo material like manga and novel reprints advertising the film
>figures made for the movie
>soundtrack CDs
>character song albums
>cafes themed after the series
Japan has a culture of consuming entertainment on a far grander scale than any fucking eceleb over here who buys a bunch of cheap lookalike figures and puts them on a wall. You can't take two steps without running into some kind of advertisement, variety store, toy (like a UFO catcher or a capsule machine), themed restaurant or just a big sign advertising some current media.

Netflix money returns to Netflix. Less than 5 percent reach the anime actual producers. Then Netflix uses those funds to acquire new tv shows to show on their service, then they got cocky and made and funded actual Netflix originals they own like live action and cartoon. Those netflix originals actually pay the studios and directors.

So earnings from anime shown in netflix like Aghretsuko, Little witch academia etc don't reach the Japanese studios

While money made by Netflix originals anime like that AICO, castlevania, devilman does reach the animation studios

1 simpsons episode costs 5mil
In the west the expected return for high quality animation movie sales would be around 50-100mil

What if they just don't care? Like if I owned an anime studio I'd just make shit for fun as long as it was profitable enough to keep my business/team going. Not everyone wants to make millions off of everything they do.

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Monogatari fans are a niche within the niche of people willing to watch anime intended for (young)adults.
Anime hardly makes any money outside of shounens.

>1 simpsons episode costs 5mil
And 99% of this goes to people who aren't involved with the animation.

then why they make many animes per season

Mostly to promote the original manga/ln/vn/game they're taken from.

"saving anime", they said
I always know streaming fags on Yas Forums are nothing but paid Crunchyroll shills

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I don't think this was a simultaneous nationwide (Japan) release. I think this is released what in japan-speak call "Road Show campaigns"

you can't escape the future


6.3M is not bad for an anime movie.

Future like pic related?

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tower of god is from a japanese studio so

>tries to sneak in "anime for adults"



The obvious: Monogatari (and anime in general) has other sources of income beyond screening earnings numbers

I mean that's not bad considering anime films are a limited release in the west. Also you have to understand this film appeals to a small fraction of Americans that watch anime, then an even smaller fraction of that that even watch Monogatari and care about it enough to go see it in a theater. I love Monogatari, even read Kizu a few years before the films came out, but I didn't go see it in theaters because I'm in introvert.

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m8 I know monogatari is """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""popular"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" within anime/otaku circles, it's still a tiny fraction of the general population that has ever seen a single frame of the franchise. Even in Japan, anything that isn't shounen is practically unheard of for normalfags. Which comprise a huge majority of the population.
Also do you genuinely believe that monogatari is aimed at children?

This thread is horrible.
Antagonizing someone randomly for telling the truth will not make the truth less real. Unless you think chuu2 anime about Nazis is western friendly.


Anime episodes only get a budget of about $80,000 though.
You can't compare it to western standards.
6.3 mil + blu ray sales sounds like a success to me

I thought 2mil was the budget for an anime episode.

Animators get paid jack shit. The only expense is voice actors and marketing.

According to Masamune Sakaki, a CG creator in the anime industry, an average 13-episode anime season costs around 250 million yen (or $2 million).13.8.2015

Because the masses like garbage shit like fate