Student council

>student council
>is actually a slut
Why is this trope so popular?

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Speaks for itself. If you’re that dumb that you have to have it explained to you, that’s unfortunate.

>character is a "slut"
>never actually has sex with anyone
Why is THAT trope so popular?

Because it's true. She wants to be everyone's friend from school, on Facebook.

>megane is a pervert
This will never stop to make me hard

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Because she's taken herself to a position of authority.

Because weebs are all permavirgins who wish they could get a pure and innocent tradwife

gap slut

Because the most dedicated students (girls) tend to be really represed sexually and they genuinely crave the dick, that doesn't make them a slit, a slit sleeps with anyone, a bitch sleeps with anyone except you
They got rejected once and say their crush going out with a better guy and think they are sluts for going out with the guys they actually find attractive and have something in common with

why the fuck her hand so smol

>character is a beta/fat/ugly/old/shota
>big cock

Perfect for your dick

it's hard getting proportions right when youre used to drawing cow tits

>hair acting as censorship
That's new and hot as fuck.

Also, megane are cutest as perverted fujos who do nothing but read BL all day and jerk off.

>student council is actually a slut
what did he mean by that?

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This. When they don't realize how desirable they are is the fucking best.

Because it's true.

intelligent peeps tend to be hornier than average peeps

I don't know when the "subtly show the bra through the blouse" thing started with the lewd animu artists but my penis really appreciates it

Thanks, user.
That's some quality stuff.

This is true though, when I was in student council during highschool our president sucked a kids dick in the clubroom

losers want to have a slutty gf that would service them sexually constantly but dont want the baggage that said slut was probably used by other people before him

like in the west, all most high school romance is the loser protag wooing a stacey that was already dating some other guy. and through hijinks she readily dumps the first guy for the protag. which begs the question, if shes so quick to dump one person for another, wont she do the same for the protag if another funnier and quirker new kid shows up?

>which begs the question, if shes so quick to dump one person for another, wont she do the same for the protag if another funnier and quirker new kid shows up?

This is normally averted by her original boyfriend being some douchebag turbo-jock, and she breaks up with him when she sees what an asshole he really is. Assuming the MC doesn't turn into an asshole, she probably doesn't have the same impetus to jump ship again.

Its because sluts are fucking hot.

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t. r e d d i t b r o s u n i t e

Because prez is always working hard so she needs to play hard.

dear Lord that ass

Fucking gleipnier man, we better clarify that she is actually a virgin so the dregs of humanity buy our product

Wet is better.

Fuck you, Ui is pure

people who work really hard in high positions deserve all the sex they want without being reprimanded as a slut

Already had this with Ao no Flag, but with a dude who kept breaking off relationships for a girl he liked. Girl gets so fed up with that behavior she calls him iut when he tries to confess again and announces she's never marrying him. She doesn't change her mind.