Why do so many japanese anime and manga (and LNs/WNs for that matter) have a theme of rebelling against God/heaven

why do so many japanese anime and manga (and LNs/WNs for that matter) have a theme of rebelling against God/heaven
or, even more woke, rebelling against heaven and hell at the same time to make a third way but with humans
Like, with japnese history themes of rebelling against the church make sense, it's just a reflection of their troubles with organized religion in history, but why so much rebelling against the heavens themselves?

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Imagine being born as a japanese boy. you'd hate God too

They don't actually know anything about Christianity or Christian culture

sure, but antichurch autism is a reflection of a deep set mistrust of organized religion due to the retardation of organized religion in japanese history, but is there something more cultural that makes them want to rebel against the heavens themselves? can you DO that in japanese belief systems?

Mostly it's a metafor for rebelling against fate, as the fate of most Japanese is dying of overworking by 30 due to unsustainable work tempo.

The Japanese view Christianity the same way we view the Greek or Egyptian gods.
They don't believe in it whatsoever and just pull stuff from it because the mythos is cool.

How would that change anything? Most Yas Forumsnons already hate themselves and their lives.

I'm reminded of a story from my grandfather
>grandpa worked for an oil company
>in the 70s/80s his family was sent over to japan to help with some oil shit
>one of his coworkers was a good ol' boy from the deep south
>very devout baptist
>living in japan
>one of their clients comes to talk to them
>is proud to say that he is a christian
>baptist man is happy, starts talking to him about the difference between japanese and american churches and the like
>holidays come up
>japanese man mentions going to the shrine to pray on new years
>vein appears on baptist man's throat
such is the way it is in japan

Japan has the longest life expectancy.

this is your brain on bitter expat youtube videos

Yeah japan just takes what they like from religions, they are really chill about it. If you have an exam coming up and the best study shrine is Buddhist then you go there. If you want a girlfriend you go to the love Shintoist shrine. If they find it cool to go to a catholic church then church it is.

Honestly I much prefer it like that, you get the fun cultural and community stuff but without the close mindedness and strictness of religions which turns away everyone.

>the whole society is basse on compliant
>wish fulfilment is rebel against the authority
what a surprise

>wish fulfilment is rebel against the authority
Western wish fulfillment is also rebelling against authority. It’s just a universal theme.

yes but it not as strong and plenty as nip, also every novel chink is rebel against authority. the more forceful the authority is the more this shit show up

shoo shoo pol

>making plots shitting on religion is woke
Lol. Imagine being taught about roman and greek mythos in class like they’re make-believe fairy tails while being devout believers in the christian mythos as if your religion is any different

I highly doubt your claims.

not a poltard, i'm ginuently curious
I'm not talking about one mythos/religion in particular, the theme of rebelling against the heavens seems ubiquitous, and most of the time the heavens in question are in the judeochristian mold, but I'd blame tolkien for that more than anything

Imagine trying your best to convince your children that some omniscient fat pedophile who lives in the North Pole exists and that you have to be on your best behavior to be rewarded or you will get coal and then making them learn he doesn’t exist but at the same time being hardcore believers of God.

Because God is a prick and you should punch him in the face

The difference between santa claus and christianity is that there’s no one there to tell you God doesn’t exist. You just need to have faith™

They executed anyone religious until the 1870s. That with tight immigration makes less than 1% Christians now

I feel like it's mostly coincidence.
One guy is just randomly really chuuni and writes the SMT book, and then people played SMT as kids and grew up to make more JRPGs where the final boss is god, and then today's generation of isekai webnovelists copy them. I think it was something like that, one book or game gets really popular and spawns a bunch of imitators.

>it's just a reflection of their troubles with organized religion in history

Oh you mean when their central government went around torturing priests and Japanese Christians because some godless protestant Englishman whispered in the Shogun's ear about how Catholics were planning a Spanish invasion?

Or how the Shogunate heroically defended itself against a Christian peasant uprising they caused by persecuting and overtaxing them? Winning by hiring Dutch protestants and their cannons to the point that Amakusa Shirou called them out for being bitch cowards?

Oh yeah, a real fucking extensive history of being persecuted by Christianity...

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I thought the difference is that while Santa Claus actually existed people think that he's a myth. And while god may or may not be a myth, people insist he exists.

I don't hate Christianity. I'm a Protestant myself. I just fucking hate the catholic branch because the current sjw pope irl is such a massive retard and cuck. I'm glad whenever I see an anime that has a pope character getting his shit kicked in. Because FUCK pope francis

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>Honestly I much prefer it like that, you get the fun cultural and community stuff but without the close mindedness and strictness of religions which turns away everyone.
Zoomer fedoras uberized even religion itself. Glad I don't have that much left to live in this world.

As an atheist, you're all the same level of delusional and stupid. At least Pope Francis advocates for compassion. More than I can say for most religious people I know.

They don't seem to give a shit about celestial gods or the heaven, those are simply cool things to make fiction.
I think japanase worship the emperor. I really don't remember any manga or anime about revealing against the emperor or making fun of him.

Nobody does. Just look at all the people that think the bible was against homosexuality

>Imagine being born as a japanese boy. you'd hate God too

Wrong. Objectively, because I love Japanese women and Japan itself, I'd love God. I wish to be reborn as a Japanese Chad as a matter of fact.

Santa Claus is a twisted, capitalist distortion of Saint Nicolas with various European pagan shit thrown in to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

El is fucking El who the Jews combined with one of his disorderly sons.

Yes the pope is literally doing what the powerful people want. When Christian people get btfo'd in anime Im happy if it's done by japanese characters, they already have their own religion and tradition. forcing Christianity on them is mean.

Compassion is for retards, kill yourself fake atheist. As a true Atheist you're on the same level of delusion as religious people.

easier said than done. the latest iteration (prosperity gospel) has God's love for you quantified by your material success and social standing. so far, it is perfectly self-reinforcing.

>as an atheist
sometimes I forget you fedoras were the precursors to vegans in the self righteousness department.

Don't worry user, we're all glad you don't have much time left!

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Is this bait?

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>you're all the same level of delusional and stupid
Yea, no. Being religious is not a standardized IQ test that measures people's intelligence. Get out of your atheist bubble and stop believing every religious follower is this dumb strawman your prejudice conjured up.

>atheist loves pope francis
A telltale sign that the current pope is worthless when the previous popes naturally received the ire of atheists everywhere.