Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Volume 5

Volume 4: After a brief hiatus, we return with the storytime for Volume 5 of Attack on Titan. Last time Eren plugged the hole in Trost, we got a training corps flashback, and Marco fucking died Now, we begin with the Female Titan Arc.

Remember to tag any spoilers and to spoiler any images that look like manga pages.

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Ereh is...

Thank you for your time and effort, based story time user.

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Choose your fighter.

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CHADmin soon

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Those of you who've exclusively seen the anime may not know this side-story. It was adapted as an OVA, rather than included in Season 1.

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Poor Ilse. The world is cruel.

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FUCK! ;_;

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I looked up how to watch it since there were many things SnK and watched it. Though watching this and lost girls, and after S3 reading the manga starting at chapter 91 or so, I wonder what the point of this was. Is it more clear in the manga?

It's one of my favourite pieces of SNK. The titans and their influence on paradis pre-Marley are where I find a lot of enjoyment. Ilse was super pretty and seemed like a nice person with a dedication to the SL, I would have liked to see her live. The OVA is pretty good too.

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I guess I should've just rewatched this.

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It's quite clear whichever way you consumed it. You merely didn't connect the dots. The abnormal was the priest who raised Ymir and had others think of her as their god Ymir reincarnated. Because Ilse was so similar to Ymir, the abnormal took a particular interest in her. Bowing to her her at a seat of worship and calling her Ymir-sama. God, Ymir. But ultimately, his titan nature won out and he killed her against his own will.