When does EVA get good?
I'm on episode 10 and every character but Shinji and Rei is fucking annoying.
Am I getting pleb filtered?

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Are you new to anime?

Depends, I almost never watch anime but I read a lot of manga.

What about Gendo or Kaji? They're cool.
But anyway, what you saw was the good half of the show. It gets bad after like episode 15 or so.

You're showing some plebeian signs. The show's good from the get-go, but gets pretty damn trippy after half point.

id say episode 12, but when i rewatched the first episodes were a lot better than i remember.Im assuming you dont know everything thats happening in the show but when you do and rewatch with the foreknowledge you'll appreciate the earlier episodes.

Stick it out through to the end you wont regret it

>When does EVA get good?
Around half-way IIRC.

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it's absolute dogshit
only losers like this because they self insert as shinji
in the end you won't have understood shit, you'll have to read headcanon online to finally get what they were doing
the movie is even trippier and worse
you won't enjoy evangelion and the only ones who say they like it are either losers or larping faggots who want to pass themselves as critics

Yeah, Gendo is also good. I feel like Kaji is forgettable so far.
I know that x, z, y character will die but that's it.
>stick it out
OK, user I will.
Well now I'm intrigued.

Its for you...

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the first 10-ish episodes are the only good ones.
quit now while you're ahead.
the series starts off as "light comedy/slice of life about teenage kids piloting robots" and after episode 10 quickly turns into edgy murderous political and religious bullshit filled with symbolism.

Only fucking tards need to read headcanon to understand the plot

Don't watch EOE after you're done, the Rebuild movies are better.

Now that's just vile

You deserve the shitposting if you haven't watched Eva by now.

The secret of Evangelion is that it's nothing like people say it is 90% of the time. It's basically just Gundam with monsters instead of mechs..

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the earlier episodes get better on rewatch when you have the whole picture.
The show doesn't explicitly reveal its true colors until the last 6 or so episodes.

This, Eva has masterful direction choices all throughout.

>It's basically just Gundam with monsters instead of mechs..
There's no way you've watched gundam

>religious bullshit filled with symbolism.

Yes you are being filtered. The episode where Shinji runs away the first time - think it was episode 2 or 3 was when it clicked for me.
Eva is not about Mecha fighting.

about 12 or 13 it takes a turn. it peaks at episode 19

You're absolutely right. But my overall point still stands.

>am I getting pleb filtered?

>When does EVA get good?
When you watch it again in 10 years

You got tricked. It never gets good.

That episode is so fucking good. I don't know why I've never seen anyone else even mention it before.

It was the episode that made me feel bad. I didn't like relating to it but I think that's why I liked that episode the most. The train scene and the theater scenes specifically.

>Eva is not about Mecha fighting.
No shit. Most mecha anime stopped being about mecha fighting after Gundam reinvented the genre.

I teared up a little when he didn't get on the train. It feels too real, hits close to home.

jfc Shinji fans legit are pussies.

Say that to my face, not online

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