Anime often has food in it

Anime often has food in it

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Look at all those eggs...are they TRYING to catch salmonella?

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I don't know what that thing in the bottom middle is called, but I want to make one now.

You don't understand user, these are superior nipponese eggs that are folded ten million times in the' cloaca of Japanese chickens.

As a kid bread filled with red stuff always looked delicious to me

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Why do the Japanese want to catch food born illnesses so much?????

eggs looks so good in anime yet mediocre in real life..

the heat from the eggs cooks the rice

t. sucks dick at making eggs


To strengthen their immune systems against the dreaded Japanese cold, of course.

I heard somewhere that the rice from the egg heats the cook.

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I hate Japanese food. It's too boring and tasteless

Try cooking the rice.

Nice try. Cooked rice is boring and tasteless too.

Just kill the bacteria with your razor sharp katana, bro.

look at these cowards, never once licked the spoon when they were making cakes or cookies. pathetic.

Do japanese really???

bro i can’t even...

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japanese surely dont...right?????

Good food tastes good

Eastern asian countries have an unhealthy obsession with food for some reason.

The Italy is the same. It's a pride thing.

lord forgive me for i have sinned...

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buy better eggs user

Name a better national cuisine than Italy’s, perhaps aside from French

>an unhealthy obsession
>with the thing that they use every day, that sustains life, funds empires, represents cultures, brings groups of people together, is constantly evolving, heals the sick, occupies the bored, swoles your muscles, reflects your lifestyle, and is a reason to get up in the morning
fuck you food is the best

Italy / French food being the toppest tier always seems like a forced meme.
Their good, but lots of other places have complicated cooking like India, Japan, and Sichuan.
Others are simpler like Arab and Anglo food, but they still have most of the variety like main dishes, side dishes, sweets, cheeses, and alcohol.