Any other examples of tsunderes done right?

Any other examples of tsunderes done right?

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You have to post an initial example first.

Suzuno is better

Doesn't exist

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But Emi doesn't really do any of that. She is curt and angry at the start with Maou, but she explains why she's frustrated with him and is kind and caring to almost everyone else, and once her dere side starts showing up with Maou it sticks around and grows, not a back and forth on and off thing.

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One of the reasons why I like Chivalry of a Failed Knight was because he gets the girl so early.

I don't even remember him succumbing to any typical anime girl bullshit at all. He just totally brushed off her retardedness all the time and then admitted he liked her. She instantly dropped the tsundere thing too, 5 seconds after that.

No bisexuals please.

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All girls are bisexuals.

Who is this?

Lily Futaba Ramsess from Tentacle and Witches.
Everyone's favorite bitch.

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your mom

I wish my mom was beautiful and powerful witch like Lily.

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Doesn’t apply to Emi, retard. She’s only a “tsundere”, to the people who massacred her people including her father. Her whole world shatters when she finds out they’re not evil and she doesn’t know what to do anymore with her strong sense of justice.

Obvious example.

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And they fuck in the novels so that's good too.

How dere does Erina actually get, though? The series is over - did she even ONCE tell Souma his cooking was delicious?

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The chart was made before El Hermano and Erina's character development got derailed hard.

Show had at least a few very good girls

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The funny thing is she didn't even know what was happening until the end.

Commonly, tsundere is not aware of her crush until the very end.

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Commonly tsunderes at least know the definition of love.

But often, tsunderes cannot admit to themselves, that what they are feeling is love.

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Shana, not the anime but the novel version