Astral Buddy 28 is out

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ok then

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i like how many autistic girls there are in this series

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stop samefagging akemi

Whats her fucking problem?

Ayu seems oddly erratic

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cute feet

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Misaki a pile of shit

Why can't Nogi just draw panties? This censorship looks dumb as fuck.

Already better than kuroko

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> with my sister too
Who's gonna tell her?

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cuck powers activate

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Iruka a shit, I hope Rakko appears as an Ayu mercenary and fights her

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do you think you can make this deadline Yas Forums?

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>trying to fool her friend into KILLING her
What the fuck. I hate her now.

Touma didn't save her because he chose to save the better girl.

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Ayu might not rival Misaki but she still grew some nice assets in a year's time, unlike a certain flat electromaster.

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This fucking lesbian.

>Index situation again
just call Komoe

why don't they show her panties?

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I could have sworn he has done it for other girls. No funny credits for this

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Super Astral Buddy power up incoming?

It's not the same Index situation though. They need to delete the superfluous data, but saying you probably can't save all the data on the internet into your brain is probably accurate.

4.1 Senya soon

lesbo powerup incoming

I'd say 100300 grimoires on your brain is more taxing than AC memes

You underestimate the power of AC memes.

Imagine the retard strength the kids of the 2 gorillas would have

Why are you cross thread replying to MP?

Iruka cucked herself pretty hard but at least this means Iruka x Spats is free game. Question is if Junko will actually get anywhere with GUTS or if both are too dense to do anything.

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Why don’t they just store all the information on Touma Kamijou’s brain? He doesn’t even need it since he’s a boy.

She also retains information she isnt even aware of, like Maidono's password

This entire magic system was an inspiration to a lot of Aleister’s works and nobody here seems to know anything about it even though there’s a lot of anime itself that goes through the lore of everything from magic names to the inner workings of the universe itself.

>The Nymphs of Magix were nine all-powerful Fairies who ruled the fate of the Magic Dimension after the disappearance of the Great Dragon. They are supposed to be the most powerful being of the whole Magic Dimension, even more powerful than Arcadia or the Ethereal Fairies. However, since they are normal fairies, they are also mortal.

>The Great Dragon is the creator deity of the Magical Dimension and the source of Bloom's power. The Great Dragon is one of the most powerful creatures to have ever existed. From its fiery breath came the Dragon's Flame, the creating force of the Magic Dimension, and it is therefore a kind of creator god or deity of the Magic Dimension. According to Tecna, the Dragon is an embodiment of Good versus Evil, with the Shadow Phoenix, an ancient being of pure darkness who absorbs energy, being its polar opposite. The Water Stars also contain an opposite force to that of the Dragon's power.

I’d suggest you all start with the three episode prequel to Magus Bride. It’s a very easy way to start your journey on the lure of the magic world and then move on to the Magus bride series. It’s a quick rundown of a lot of the basics Aleister used for inspiration on not only his works but what Kamachi uses in these books from the lore of the Phandirix magic lore.

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Gee, let's think about the possible motives someone could have for this.

If you’re an Index fan and interested in how the world mechanics work watching at least the first five minutes of Magus Bride to see if you like it would be worthwhile because if you do you can learn a lot more about the lore that goes into Index.