Don't you just love this trope?

Don't you just love this trope?

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resigning is a trope?

It's a great trope
it means that the MC has a pair of balls and wants something better

supposedly, its taboo to resign in japan. You're supposed to get married to your company for life, no matter how much you're exploited.

Resigning like that is used in anime/manga as a rebellious and shit, so yeah, a trope.

>resigning before finding another job
>not resigning after you've already found another job

bro what the fuck are you doing

What trope, being NEET? I love it.

Jobs are a dime a dozen in Tokyo

>losing your mind for a few bucks

You're a pariah if you ever deviate the path of a career salaryman and will probably be unemployable by any big company - that's why uni students would rather delay their graduation by a year than suffer the shame of graduating without first landing a job, for example.

Yeah, who wouldn't want to be a salaryman.

He can always sleep over at Senko's place

>supposedly, its taboo to resign in japan. You're supposed to get married to your company for life, no matter how much you're exploited.
Wow what good little wage slaves

Salaryman benefits were typically better than wageslaving is here

Of course a lot of companies can't maintain those benefits any longer.

There are some jobs that are so awful that it's worth it. The glimpses we get of how he's treated indicates that it's true.

His work leaves him no time to look for another job. He doesn't have the wits to ask for time off so he can looks for job either

It is great for him.

I hope he goes and fucks around with his rich businessman friend.


>Being homeless for a few months

I forgot that Americans lose their family when they turn 18.

>Ancient bloodline plot twist

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Imagine being a salaryman, working from 9AM to 9PM monday thru friday if you're lucky, or working until 12AM or even sleep in the office, and repeat this process for 25 years until you retire. This has been the new normal in Japan from decades and there's no other choice if you want a stable job.

My old job was like that, thank god I quit and found a better one.

Fuck, man, I can't even imagine how bad Japanese salarymen got it. It's pretty fucked that japan apparently has the best paternity leave of any country, but actually taking is basically career suicide. I just got off a 12 hour shift (yay for not nonessential, since my state doesn't designate essential jobs), but I fucking love that shit because my job is easy as fuck and I get OT since I'm just hourly. I feel real bad for any salaried person at my work to be expected to work the same hours as I do and don't get more anymore and the only benefit they get better than salaried is that they get 5 additional days off a year.

explains the stagnation in companies like nintendo

Try being a grad student.

there's none

yeah a lot of them do

He's not american who will get fucked if he can't find employer to pay for his health insurance.

If I had a cute lolibaba kitsune wife who's only desire was to pamper me, I'd resign from my current job too.

I want Senko to clean my ears.

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>its taboo to resign in japan.
Not anymore, that user just parroting some bubble era bullshit from outdated and expired sources.

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