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Define my taste in anime girls, Yas Forums. Am I based?

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Well, I like Kino and Shiki

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I was waiting for one of this threads.

4/4 Pretty based, i didn't actualized mine yet but Akashi would go in there.
5/6 Moeka, Snake and Homura are top tier

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you like flat chests. good taste
you like slu- easy girls.

Only Panty is a slut, the other ones are pure


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Yonagi's yonagis

>Define my taste in anime girls
You love dark hair, jpg.

Is this supposed to be a character-3x3-thread or a regular one? The thread title implies the latter, but your post the former. I'll just assume the latter and post my anime-3x3 as represented by the respective bestgirls.

Anime: 3/4
Girls: 4/4

Anime: 2/5
Girls: 3/5

Anime: 5/8
Girls: 7/8

Anime/manga: 3/5
Boys: 5/7

Anime: 3/4
Girls: 3/4

Anime: 2/3
Girls: 3/3

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... and manga.

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While I'm at it, as this might as well be a character-3x3-thread and people seem to have posted their favourite characters, here's mine.
A bit of clarity would be nice though.

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anyone have template

I used this website


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You really shouldn't need a template to stitch 9 pics together, user. Nor should you need any website that will just ruin your input pics.

How does Yuno fit in with those characters at all?

What do you mean. I added her because I like her. That's all there is to it

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Shiki and Kei are bretty good
You like being stabbed
Easy access
You like picking losers

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So you like tomboys.
Delete this

I don't play by the rules

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>muh big tiddies
Coomer shit tier taste

ebin meme

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Yeah, I guess they all do have that in common! Then again, why would anyone like a girl who can't at least be a little smug at times?

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I have... a type (or two)

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Kaguya is very cute but I'm not interested in her manga
Kino is libertarian propaganda
I don't understand the guy's fascination with Akashi, but that's just jap taste conflicting with my superior european taste
Moeka trash, Suzuha was the better choice
Hinata isn't as good as Ino or Temari, but Naruhina vanilla doujins cured 774 so good on her
Don't like any of the Madokas
Deaf girl is alright but Ueno deserved better and should have won the Shoyobowl
Don't like the monogataris
Ryuko was better choice than Satsuki but not my first trigger choices
Lain pure and cute program
Kurisu bad Suzuha good
Evanescence is pretty nice
Hisoka is a homo pedophile, forgive the redundancy
Killua is a homo pedophile as well but he's 12 so it's less illegal
Medicine man great, I like Sakurai
Akko is top tier trigger girl
Eli is top 3 love live next to honk and (You)
Top row bad bottom row good
I prefer smallmedium-medium, but big can be good on certain frames

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It doesn't get much better than this Yas Forumsnons

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Girls: 3/3
Anime: 0/3

Girls: 3/4
Anime: 1/4
I don't think "free spaces" really work with favourites.

I don't like the concept of harems.

Anime: 0/1
Not really sure how to rate the girls. I mean ... I didn't really watch much of Fate, the characters seemed okay, overall, but not necessarily worthy of a full point.

Girls: 5/5
Anime: 3/3

Glad to see you here and posting a your regular grid.

Girls: 3/5
Anime: 1/5

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