Is there going to be any more of cuckbait in the series?

Is there going to be any more of cuckbait in the series?
This is incredibly uncomfortable to read.

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Pretend like I didn't fuck up fields in OP.

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It has 37 chapters translated and I'm going to remember how she was flirting with that 3rd year chad on the street for years.

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It's not cuckbait, it's a cuck dog whistle, and you're responding to it.

No. It's more of a tiger stalking an unsuspecting rabbit.
the MC is the rabbit

>the only doujin is futa on male
It could've been worse.

She's uncomfortable the entire time she's with him.
she even tells her friends to build a barrier around her when he approaches.

meant for

wait he's going to appear again?

The purpose of scenes like this is to show Yamada has zero interest in guys that aren't named Ichikawa. It makes her flirting with him actually significant, because it's not just something she does with anybody. And somehow you interpret it the other way around.

okay I've skimmed through all 37 chapters and there aren't anything dangerous there
I can probably read it later in detail

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they're in the same school and he's a scapegoat for easy-to-write scenarios so i'd bet yes.

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At the same time it shows how surprisingly vulnerable Yamada is, especially when alone.

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God I really wish at the end of the series she'd release a bulk of extra chapters that she'd done and saved up with snippets of Yamada's pov from previous chapters. You can already tell what she's thinking, and doing/has done, pretty easily but a man can dream.

I think the main draw of this manga is the apparent lack of Yamada's perspective/side, and leaves just little for the audience to go into massive speculahs on how she feels about him.

there's no cuckbait in this series

guess what the next one is

>he doesn't know

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delete yourself

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He's may be an edgy dork but he's constantly alpha enough to use his sperg powers to foil every single attempt.

Is your dick really that small? Maybe you deserve to be cucked.

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More like unintentional wingman.

Nanpai tries to go to hit on her in the library but she pretends to kiss (? it's vague) Ichikawa, which confuses Ichikawa because he thinks he's just being "used" to just get rid of other men like Nanpai. He's edgy again for half a chapter before she kabe-don's him and hugs him because he kept ignoring her for two days, and he finally realizes his true feelings.

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God I want to feed her snacks and watch her grow.

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