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She was supposed to join the crew. We were robbed...

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Who should the Starhats kidnap next?

>Absalom of D Graveyard
>Ashura D Oji
>Arlong D Saw
>Basil D Magician Hawkins
>Buggy D (star) Clown
>Bartolomeo D Cannibal
>Go D Ussop
>Bepo D Polar Bear
>Bon Clay D Wild
>Bellamy D Hyena
>Brook D Soul King
>Karoo D Uck
>Caesar D Clown
>Gastino D Gangster
>Cedar D Pharmacist
>Capone D Gang Bege
>Camie D Fish
>Caven D Ish
>Chadros Brownbeer D Higelyges
>Croco D Ile
>Donquixote D Oflamingo
>D Jango
>Kai D O
>>Edwar D Newgate
>Kyros D Nutcracker
>Eustass D Kid
>Foxy D Silver Fox
>Gold Ro D Ger
>Kiku D Faggot
>Derringer D Faggot
>Sanji D Faggot
>D octor Hiriluk
>Koushirou D Gorosei
>Thousan D Sunny
>Gin D Man-Demon
>Im D Mother of Luffy
>Wa D O'ichi Monji
>Kozukio D En
>Kuro D Hundred Plans
>Lor D of the Coast / Lord of D Coast
>Blackbeer D Teach / Blackbeer D Marshall
>Pan D A Man
>Pan D A Woman
>Pe D Ro
>Shanks D Royal / Shanks D Redhair
>X D Rake
Just how far does the shitpost by Oda go?


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she is cute

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Here's your new Strawhat bros

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Kaido Jr.
>Kaido actually falters
>Big Mom doesn't give a fuck and attacks anyway because she assumes Kaido is just as indifferent to his kid as she is to hers
>Neo Rocks alliance collapses


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>Robin will never say this about you

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Best girl

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Why did Oda include a 2nd black maria?

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This is the best opening

Beckman, get the rope.

>brock narrator
I like it

Kikuscholars sound off

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Old Zoro looks like Rayleigh
Old Nami looks like Shakky

1+1 = ?

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>D. evil child Nico Robin
>Hiriluk D. Quack Doctor
>Jimbei Knight of D Sea
>Monkey D. D. Ragon
>Vander D. Ecken

>new Strawhats bros*

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>Zoro doesn't discrimate by age.


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>Kiku D. Cuteypatootey

>too strong to join in the Amazon Lily arc
>too weak to join now

Margueritefags it is time to accept reality.

>Zoro is a cunnychad

>Oda is a Hunterchad
Based taste

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Reminder that Nami blushed when Zoro flexed his muscle.

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We love mlm/wlw solidarity don't we folks?

They're so fucking cute

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tits too small in the pic, you had one job user.

>too strong to join in the Amazon Lily arc

Who wins?

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Hiyori's only 5 years older than Zoro.
I mean that's enough for her to have /ss/'d him when they were younger, but still.

we heard you the first time you said that

Her CoA was better than anyone's in the crew.

Whoever drew this is a retard when it comes to perspective

Comrades... more Ulti pics

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Ma D. Monk Urouge

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Rebecca was a good character

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Probably Kid because of the hard counter

not bad, 8/10 for effort


nah we cant have that .

Straw hats have to be a clown freakshow fiesta.
That´s why everyone is scared of carrot

she would have killed most of the strawhats in a one on one back then

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What do you mean ?
Are you suggesting that Oda isn't drawing the manga ?

Rebecca was good fertile pussy.

So were the Boa sister and Luffy still took a heaving shit on them. She was Brook tier at best

reminder that brook was only happy for zoro, confirming that he too is a cunny chad

I dunno about that. Brook tends to be happy about everything especially if it relates to his crewmates.

Luffy - 2(Nami, Robin)
Kaido - 2(Black Maria, Ulti)
Big Mom - 2(Smoothie, Compote)
Marines - 2(Tsuru, Momousagi)
Blackbeard - 1(Devon)
Whitebeard - 1(Whitey Bay)
Shanks - 0
Roger - 0

Seems the cap for top women in a group is 2

Amazon Lily is going to declare itself as part of the Strawhat Empire and the Kuja Pirates are going into the Grand Fleet.

>Most of the Straw Hats still don't have CoA, unlike Marguerite

It was a draw.

were talking about everyone else
its why people were so reluctant on having jinbe join since he would be (and is now) the second strongest crewmember


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That's not the SHIVER ME TIMBERS version

Yeah, but they have a lot of other bullshit powers and abilities Post-TS.

Would Sanji's character wouldn't have gone downhill if instead of being sent to tranny island he would end up on the cunny island?

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What was (aka will be) Gold Rodger's devil fruit?

>Kaido - 2(Black Maria, Ulti)
It's 2.5. Jack is a giant grouper fishman. Grouper fish are all born female and can turn into males later in life.


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Sanji wouldn't have returned to the crew if he washed up on cunny island.

What is he talking about?

Is Kaido DUMB or something?

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Amazon Lily is already a smoldering ruin due to the Marine warships opening fire on the island.

Only because Luffy stopped beating them up and took pity on them

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Tashigibros, how are we ever going to recover?

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a-as long as it m-makes Nami happy

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haha imagine her flashing you haha what kind of underwear do you think she wears haha

Thats like Magneto vs Wolverine user

it just makes sense

Chome doesn't have a dick.
Ulti doesn't have a dick either.
Speed probably doesn't have dick, although knowing SMILE fruits I can't say for sure.

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is this canon?

Roger didn't have a devil fruit.

Which girl wouldn't?

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Every OP girl has a dick

Are the 6 fliers (excluding X D. Rake) the children of Kai D. O?

Die futanigger


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Lesbians like Nami and Vivi

So someone has to travel back to Paradise every time the marines approach it's borders?

>Griffith seeing Guts and Casca have a moment

Will Linlin make her children dress in appropriate Wano attire for the festival?

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Nami and her girlfriend Robin are for Jinbe's two shark cocks. Know your place, Zolodogs.

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>aka will be
Reread the post user.

>Big Mom - 2(Smoothie, Compote)
wut, pudding, amande, galette all the others?
>Marines - 2(Tsuru, Momousagi)
the female giant, tashigi

>a-actually I don't poop or fart for some reason

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>Not posting the nude edit

Knowing how much Oda loves to play dress up probably

enma is for kaido's throat tho

I think that was when that turtle ate a ship during Jaya

It only makes sense that somehow Zoro ends up with a harem at the end right?

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Pay-Pay is the cutest Tobi Roppo!

Katakuri will deflect and join Bartolomeo's crew.

What a thread!

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Well, it's going to happen

Yeah. Usually it would be the MC but Luffy isn't really suitable so it'll default to Zoro.

Best Jeanist, you are my favorite Hero other than Bakugo.

Yes, but only because Nami wants to fuck those women too

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Did they ever explain what the big straw hat was?

I know what I wrote. He never had nor will he ever have a devil fruit.

That they're gay best friends? Yes!

I know it shouldn't be like this but I did the math and it just can't end any other way.


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none, would get in the way of her tail in dino form

That's no laughing matter user. You should be ashamed.

nope, its a big mistery. It's probably from the Void century or something related to the ancient weapons or the D clan

If Gold Rodger had a devil fruit, what would it be?
(aka What will his debil fruit be?)

CHADfalgar D Water Law

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The difference is that we got plenty evidence that Jinbe was super strong from his feats. Marguerite, on the other hand, hadn’t done anything particularly impressive. Her only claim to fame was having some decent CoA, and that doesn’t really prove much beyond her not being complete fodder.

every girl will die via staircase
its why zoro is even more asexual than luffy, bullsopp cant save him

And yet you still smell as bad as the dogman

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Reminder that Nami is cute and gay!

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