One Piece

What are the best moments of foreshadowing in One Piece?

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what does that have to do with gear 2

Same stance

all the one with Sanji (mr.prince and the cover with the cake)

Impel Down guards briefly discussing about Shanks meeting Kaidou

Blackbeard foreshadowing (he was first mentioned in the same arc), this plus (maybe) his first speech on dreams are forsehadowing for his sleepless condition

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Not really foreshadowing but still a nice touch.

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Holy Cow. Your right. He is even smoking! I don't know if this scene is intended foreshadowing, but wow.



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Shitposting aside. How strong is actually Marco?

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Who is on track to win the Namibowl anyway?

>If you look closely at Luffys fight with Don Krieg it's incredibly obvious that Luffy is going to accelerate his bloodflow to increase his moment speed because his heart and veins are made of rubber and can withstand the intense pressure

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Reminder that Luffy lost this fight

Hey, you there. Yes, you. Don't even think about shitposting.

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Haki like Katakuri but also immortal. So generally overpowered.

You think Oda will introduce a character based on Joe Biden if I write him a note, asking nicely?

how is this foreshadowing?

Zoro cause they're drinking buddies and also women like guys that need them and Zoro really needs a navigator.

All ZoNa posters are ugly foids who self-insert as Nami

>Gear 2 pose with smoke
>I did x Y amount of times which sounds like the soru explanation
I'm starting to think Oda grabbed this volume and got some ideas during Enies Lobby.

Oi Ulti, stop disrespecting Kaido-san

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Your second point sounds more like Luffy shipping since Nami literally says he needs her.


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Zoro needs her more though. He's a navigational cripple, remember?

Pretty weak, considering how little he was able to accomplish at Marineford. Probably around Flying Six-tier, definitely weaker than Jack.

I want to shoot a massive load into her hat before she puts it on

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color's trap!

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Would nami suck Luffy's rubber dick?

>prove me wrong

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I want more of these cuties

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holy cringe

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She sucks off Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Bullsopp, and Jinbei's dick. Also sucks on Robin's pussy.

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Post more user.

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Why theres still no crying sanji in the backround??

But Jackie-kun, I do it for you and Pay Pay.

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Based and good taste

Because Sanji is busy fucking Robin

The moment I said the name of the thread I immediately thought "this oughta be filled with some dumb shits going "THIS IS HAKI FORESHADOWING" but OP trully is, a putrid mongoloid. Do yourself and humanity a favor, and remove yourself from the gene pool.

Nah that's the one she would never touch. There's nothing women hate more then desperation.

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Well Yas Forums?
What's Katakuri doing in the snack shack?

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Don’t stand so close to me you degenerate incest fetishist
I’m saving myself for marriage

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Literally Yonko Vice-Captain tier.

stronger than katakuri weaker than big mom (its pretty wide margin, but we have not seen much of him)

Woah calm down edgelord

user, LuNa is extremely cringe. Especially this art.

Pre-timeskip sanji was drowning in background character puss
He was surrounded by hot chicks at the baratie

because it's not angled to see the window


Messin' around with sticky donut holes

Rent free, Zorofedoras

Chicks that came and left with other dudes. That's a cope.

What about this?

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Feeding Luffy his delicious mochi of course. What else would he be doing?


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That's comfy actually


Why do nami self inserters want to fuck that marimo so badly?

>he was first mentioned in the same arc
was he really?

what touch?

Why does she wear the mask?

Not a Nami self insert. Just admit that it feels right.

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I’m just saying he got pussy pre timeskip


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>I’m just saying he got pussy pre timeskip
Yeah I clearly remember him in fucking a bitch in Baratie bathroom. Can confirm.