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Just here to say, I absolutely hate danganronpa fans, every single one is now a sexually confused teenage girl that can’t shut the fuck yo about how gay they and their “kin” character is. I wish I could beat them all too death.

Aside from the fanbase, how are the games.

ok/10. Has good moments, has bad moments, Liked 2 more than 1 and 3.

they're good don't be a goddamn spineless hipster and let some idiot fans prevent you from enjoying a pretty legit good set of games

Secondaries opinions do not matter

In the end, could anyone remotely stop him?

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i've never met a danganronpa fan
why are they bad?

>Liked 2 more than
Based user with excellent taste.

I don't care for mancum but his show had some nice waifs


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2 > 3 > 1

They're excellent, that's the reason I came to this post to fucking seethe at NOT having a good anime adaptation.
but this guy lies, 1 is better than 2. I mean I haven't finished 2, but the setting being an island puts me off

He still thinks that.
Dude what think a little about that cow-chicken.

You forgot a crucial game in here
No one cares my dude. Finish the game and then you can try talking shit.

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But 1 has Byakuya. And... uhhm... Sakura. yeah well, I think I just really like those two. Looking back at it, perhaps 2 does have better characters. But being enclosed inside a school provides for a better murder mystery I think...
yeah my opinion will probably change pretty soon.


based komaruchad

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What will be next?

probably, just because the japs really love shouting KIZUNA. Though that's very close to friendship so maybe not

The franchise died with V3, but still one of the better VN's and series from 2010-2013. This was so huge back then

It means smile, so happiness and shit
T. salty Arc-V fag who says hello

Where do you find those people?

I enjoyed the first one. But what I liked were how these random participants with unique characteristics that with pressure would be brought to their darkest moment where they would actually kill someone.
In the second game they started creating situations where they were forcing the participants to kill. Creating dumb shit like mind control sickness or some shit where characters were forced to act completely different than normal. Why create these characters with their unique personalities if you are just going to remove their personalities for the murder and to advance the plot.
I dropped the third game near the begining when they just gave up and said "we are going to straight up kill you unless you kill someone else." How boring of a premise compared to the first game.

how do the anniemays hold up to the games?

everyone falls to despair eventually

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Total trash and insult to the games. Just a sick joke that makes you fall into despair

>But being enclosed inside a school provides for a better murder mystery
Too bad the "mysteries" in 1 are an utter fucking joke. At least 2 and V3 tried to make some compelling cases even if it didn't always work out for one reason or another.

Social media.


Pretty bad, mostly bat shit insane

1 and 2 are good, v3 needs to be wiped out if our collective memory, not the parts with Kaito tho he’s based

A good amount of v3 is entertaining, it just really dropped the ball at the end, though to be fair a lot of the final cases in danganronpa are bad

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