Hunter x Hunter

>You couldn't protect her smile

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Pokkle failed.

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Would the ants have liked living in the Dark Continent?

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You had one job.

When is Cheadle going to snap and kill Pariston?

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>Getting out smarted by a retard.
lol no. He was miles and miles ahead of her in every step. It would be like Gon and Killua without knowing nen taking on the ants.

Considering that full potential Gon is way above the level of a Royal Guard, I think it is safe to say the ants would get crushed

What was she thinking?

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I should have just started a honey bee farm.

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>Become a Hunter, they said
>See the world, they said
>Thrill of adventure, they said

Best prince coming through

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Oh you're that retard from the previous thread who replies without quoting the post number so most of your comments make no fucking sense.

Look at that stupid hat
nah they´re human but maybe Meruem would liked the challenge and failed

But that's not Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou!

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>Would the ants have liked living in the Dark Continent?
No, they wouldn't like it.

Say who was he? What made him like that?

>runs around everywhere in booty shorts
>never gets cold or sick

Umm how is that realistic?

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>Best prince
>not Benjamin

But I don't see Tsierri!

He is

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I honestly despise people who do that. They act so full of themselves despite not addressing your comment directly.
She looks too much like one of those Chink exchange students

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I feel intimidated by Hisoka. He is so creepy and mean.

Tserr is a dead prince walking.

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Made for big clown cock

Clown babies

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All this shitposting

>I honestly despise people who do that.
They might as well be talking to themselves since their comments are confusing without context.

Is shower poof gay for Meruem, or something?

There is a scene where he says he wants to build a new kingdom "for the king and me", excluding Youpi and Pitou


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>she sees your dick

she's so cute

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Hisoka & Machi will die of old age.

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hisoka is actually gons mother using texture surprise who is actually gyro, the princess of NGL who ging married but who was heavily disfigured when they went to the dark continent. its why hisoka is so obsessed with gon

But they have non-existent eyes unlike Shizuku.

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How come Hisoka has white skin, weird tattoos and colorful hair? I always assumed it was Texture surprise. What does Hisola really look like?

Cheadle has been fucking Leorio raw the entire boat trip

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>ywn raw dog cheadle in the asshole
why even live?

I miss Uvo, he was one of the coolest spiders. I liked how many of them acknowledge how similar he and Gon are.

Uvogin was too good for this world.

uvo was fucking shit and jobbed harder than anyone else in the series bar ponzu

Because Hisoka is a white male.

*hits pipe*

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Welcome to the McCarnathy Smoke shop.

This is Gon's mother

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Japanese people have white skin too.

Go check the Kimetsu, Shingeki & HeroAca threads in the catalog.
And those are ongoing series.

Whatever you say, Slick.

This is Gon's real Mom.

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no, the worst jobbers were the shadow beasts

I’m so happy for Gon to have people who love and care about him.