Born in an war torn country

>Born in an war torn country
>Saw his friends and family die in front of him.
>Spends decades on a plan towards world peace
>"Naruto, how would you save this world?"
>Naruto : Just believe in me! dattebayo!
>Pain : Alright
What the fuck?

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Fuck off Narutard

It's Naruto, it's fucking retarded. Peak soundtrack though for the Pain arc.


Nagato and Naruto had the same ideological & moral teacher, Jiraiya, who literally wrote 'Naruto'. Naruto's TnJ works here because of this fatalistic link.

from another anime, but that's not all, Kizaru.
It's more than that. They were sibling students who shared the same teacher (Jiraiya), they were both taken on by him when they had no one else, and both of them grew up in similarly terrible situations.

>Obito can't use kamui in 6paths mode
>Madara can

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And to top it off, he does achieve world peace in the end by becoming so strong he could nuke a continent off the map and imposing his will on all other countries.

Obito couldn't use Kamui in 6paths mode? Where was that? And wasn't Madara's transformation "complete"?

this does not address OP's concern at all

>And wasn't Madara's transformation "complete"?
True, but there's not reason why that would prevent obito from using kamui. Nothing was ever sad afterwards sadly.

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One thing that didn't make sense is pain's plan. It was nothing at all like what Obito or Madara was planning, and it seemed like he knew because Madara asked why Nagato wasn't there. Or maybe Pain was planning on betraying Obito to do his weird nuke thing.

I'm curious to see how their world will look after Naruto and Sasuke deaths.

OP's concerned about the credulity of the conversation. The conversation isn't important, the foundation of the conversation is. Naruto's points aren't great on their own; his speech is effective precisely because it echoes Jiraiya's sentiments and returns Nagato to innocence.

And it's done well. Kishi shows Nagato as the protagonist of Jiraiya's novel 'Naruto' and splices scenes through time and reality in a nicely sentimental way. Why do you think Obito also said his loss wasn't due to Naruto but to Jiraiya?

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is this a panel from the actual manga? what a low quality looking piece of shit is this, especially considering how much money this makes.

The Talk no Jutsu Dimension is a signature jutsu of Naruto Uzumaki created after being completely fed up with all the villians after exhausting all other variants of Talk No Jutsu. In this world, the whole area consists of what seems to be nothing, a blank dimension that is absent of all color. But this is merely a falsehood, unseen to the naked eye is a myriad of all of Naruto's thoughts and philosophies that are penetrating the victim's brain and forcing them to soon be converted. It is said to be a jutsu said to rival even the likes of Shisui Uchiha's Kotoamatsukami, the strongest genjutsu on earth.

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why is there literally no fanart of tsubaki?


Speedwatching idiot.

Except it actually does address the point and illustrates why Naruto's words were so persuasive. This was due to both of them having awful upbringings in their war-torn world, being abandoned and ostracized by everyone until they met a teacher who took them on as disciples and guided them forward.

The art was never that great, and it got worse after the timeskip (for example all character designs were simplified and robbed of personality)

fuck OFF

>Born in the wealthiest village
>Got bullied and had no frie-oh wait he did have shikamaru and choiji as friends
>Live alone but still had a home and enough food to not starve
>Nagato born in the shittiest village at the time
>Had no choice but to participate in ninja war 3
>Had to kill people as a child
>Had to watch everyone he ever care about die
Uh yeah bro their situations where identical.

I thought he cannot pass himself through but he could still transport himself. Kakashi with the left eye couldn’t do Obito’s intangible move but he can transport himself.

Oh my, completely predictable, yet I still had a laugh. I believe this is what they commonly call a "cope", correct?

No, both of them grew up orphaned and abandoned by everyone. Naruto being born in the wealthiest village is irrelevant. Choji wasn't really a friend and everybody in the village looked down on him. He had no one.
>Uh yeah bro their situations where identical
Their situations were very similar

No, he's right. The answer to your flippant question was mentioned in the manga.

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>abandoned by everyone
Uh.. bro? Have you not watch boruto? We literally see flashbacks and shikamaru and choji going to naruto's house to ask him to hang out.

it was never said he couldn't. he just didn't feel the need to use it when he has Rinnegan. It's for that same reason that Madara never used Susano'o once he was in 6 paths

people meme this scene but it felt good during the sequence, his rage/power were so great that it had an effect on the animation itself.
kinda how a live action movie suddenly having an animated character or vice versa can seem jarring and surreal