Character says "Gold... men... not shine! Gold... men... not shine!"

>character says "Gold... men... not shine! Gold... men... not shine!"
>sub says "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

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>Clearly hear character say "yeah"
>Subs say "No"

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fuck blizzard

You are now reminded of that Detective Conan spider case revolving around SHINE

Wow, what did I do to deserve that?

you went outside

This might be the biggest stretch I've seen in one of these threads.

>character says "nigger and dio"
>subs says "to hotfoot it out of here"

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>Audio track other than the language you speak
Not even once

If you see a nigger you run, and if you see DIO with him you run even faster before he stops time and lets the nigger catch you, it makes sense.



>characters says "kurwa"
>sub says "this is"

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What the fuck was Megane's problem? She made the manga so much fucking worse by merely existing I HATE IT

>characters says "it a duck, my Sue""
>subs say "Rubbery dubbery, appreciate the shrubbery"

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>makes reference to Madoka's friend
>"This is the worst!"

>characters say eat the ratty soup
>subs say let's eat
Why are the Japanese so obsessed with rat soup? I thought they ate sea weed and shit.

>character has someone lay down with their head in the other's lap
>pats there head and says "Yoshi Yoshi"
I don't get it, and I certainly don't ever remember putting Yoshi's head in Mario's lap.


Japanese culture is built on taking from China and then changing it a bit. So bat soup becomes rat soup.

fuck off pooh

massive bitches in the image,especially the dark haired one

>character refers to themselves in the third person
>subs don't reflect this at all

>Character tells their friend Ski to go die.
>Translated as "I love you"

There's a limit to artistic liberty..


Yandere(s) are a thing

>fight scene
>or uh or uh or uh or uh or uh or uh or uh
>subs say take this and that
Are local users fucking retarded?

>character clearly says "Eat egg mashed"
>subs say "I'm leaving"

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>character is hitori bocchi
>character is not alone