Cowboy bebop is my favourite anime

>cowboy bebop is my favourite anime
What kind of person do you imagine?

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someone who hasn't watched much since Toonami

>What kind of person do you imagine?
Stop with these template threads.

Someone who just started watching anime.

35 year old who hasn't watched much anime in the past 20 years and hasn't watched much before that either.

Would you prefer another shounen general instead?

Stop forcing yourself something just because it's popular. Mainstream =/= bad.

forcing yourself to hate*

CB isn't bad but it is something that a lot of people just getting into anime pick as their favorite. Acknowledging that doesn't mean you dislike the show. I don't even have any real concrete memories of CB because I watched it like 15 years ago and haven't bothered since because I was watching and reading other stuff.

I agree, there's a lot to like about cowboy bebop, It's a masterpiece.
The person could be a total beginner, and could be a 50 y/o who watched a ton and still likes coming back to this classic.

none of these posts say it's bad though, it's just usually a favourite of people who don't watch much anime. It's a good show.

Someone who hasn't seen much anime, or someone who has seen a lot of anime/TV and just has taste. I imagine Cowboy Bebop's fanbase is a U curve like Peanuts.

Doesn't watch much anime. It is a good show don't get me wrong but it is basically the basic bitch go to for anime.

CB is probably not even in my top 10, but what is wrong with picking it as favorite? You are assholes for assuming things about someone out of what anime they like.

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someone who isnt dissociated to how shit-ass most anime industry test shows are

someone who has watched 50 anime and read 20 manga tops

>You are assholes for assuming things about someone out of what anime they like.
That's the whole point of these threads though. CB is the type of anime that is good, and it's entirely possible that someone might pick it as their favorite anime, but it's also a red flag that someone has barely watched anything. If you've seen enough anime/read enough manga it's hard to not find other things that appeal to you.

Same kind of person who owns funkopops, watches rick and morty, and wears Zelda shirts.

someone who doesnt watch that much anime and still has really good taste because he watches other shit

again, nothing is wrong with picking it as a favourite, calm down user. it's just that usually people who's favourite show is CB haven't watched heaps of others and that's okay.

Because it’s extremely entry-level, and while it’s fine, you’ll probably find something else you enjoy more but just watching more than a dozen series.

Peanuts suck, peanut butter is OK, PB&J/PB&Chocolate are abominationa
t. Food intellectual
brainlets who mistake the logical order.
new -> likes CB
Does not mean every person who favorites CB is new.

What the fuck did you say about me bro?

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>You are assholes for assuming things about someone out of what anime they like.
The OP literally asked for this.

Basic bitch doesn't mean "new". It means they have no personality/taste of their own.

A pretty cool guy who says what he likes.

But you are still assuming based on a preconception. You take for granted that anime like Cowboy Bebop (or Eva, or Lain, or Trigun etc.. just listing some examples) can't be a veteran's favorite because considered entry-level shows, so they are only a beginner's choice and that person will certainly forget about it once they start watching more sophisticated anime.
I could be someone who watched over 500 anime, yet my favorite could still be, say, Naruto because it was special to me on a personal level. I mean experience and personal taste are two separate things and the anime you like don't describe you.

Cowboy bebop is not basic in any way and favoriting it means nothing bad. It's a 9/10 or more for pretty much every anime fan with a good taste.
Most people find another anime they like better, but certain people like that "entry level" anime the best, and that's fine.

They can be, but it’s almost always not the case.

Lain or Eva I can see, but Cowboy Bebop I just can’t.

Nothing negative. It's a normal choice

>Lain or Eva