For me, it's Nami, the best SZS girl

For me, it's Nami, the best SZS girl.

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A really normal choice.

not bad, but not good taste. fairly normal

What a fascinatingly ordinary choice.

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I personally prefer this crazy bitch

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>series claims she's normal
>she's actually an unparalleled goddess
What gives?

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Good choice, she's cute. And normal. But compared to the freakiness that is the rest of the cast, it's more a quality than a flaw.

I ironically like Chiri though

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Is it really normal to care so much about being normal

Not my favorite, but she's lovely.

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Will we ever get a final season for the anime?

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Nah, cheap ecchi sells better.

lewd shit with chiri

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She's ok I guess. Her appeal is just normal.
I prefer Chiri-chan.

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the best

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I like stalker-chan more.

For me, it's Tsunetsuki Matoi

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She didn't get enough screen time in the anime

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Unfortunately "Ghost Story" is what sells.

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Move over hags

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Is this show remotely like Nichibros? I desperately need something that's similar, just a little bit

For me, it's Kiri Komori

Having watched Nichibros, I would say no. It has absurd humor like Nichibros but the subject of the humor and how the jokes are told are different. Give it a shot, I didn't know what I was going into at first but now it's one of my favorite series of all time.

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I like the one with the crazy eyes.

Matoi is the only one who would be a decent partner.

For me, it's Tsunetsuki Matoi, the best anime girl of all time for all time

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As the show progresses and characters end up more fleshed out, it's clear that Matoi is the only viable choice.


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What is your favorite SZS gag?

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For me,it is Tsunetsuki.

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when do normal japanese schoolgirls lose their virginity normally

Saying things that are a big deal in a nonchalant, off-handed way

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