Clair was so cute this episode.

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Freckles best

anime shouldn't have shrunk her tits

Her titties are lovely in the show.

I still feel like her voice is too cute and gentle for how she's portrayed in the manga.

What did she mean by this

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please tell me they have sex at some point

As of the latest chapter no. And there’s someone who’s more compatible than Clair as well to the point where they can fuse.

I cant take this show seriously.

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Why are male MCs such betas?

I like the show but I audibly kekd at this scene

Rather then that, I believe the MC just meshes well with other powereds

Are you supposed to take it seriously?

So on chapter 23 of the manga. Pretty sure I’ve passed the anime by now haven’t watched it yet. Is this still going to be ongoing for awhile or is it near completion?

Sort of? I think. At least to the extent that you're supposed to understand that she thinks Shuichi is dead. And is ready to shoot herself. But they move to resolving it pretty quickly so I think they recognize that the absurdity of it can't really sustain prolonged dramatic tension. More than anything I think it's just supposed to be weird.

I take it that means she has even more crimes to commit, the madwoman.

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Only on episode 4 as of the Sunday just passed so yeah, it'll be on for a while

Meant the manga. I liked Dorohedoro because it is finished and I was able to just wrap it up with a conclusion. I don’t need another series that is going to drag on for 3 years in my back log.

Stop fursecuting meeee!

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It's ongoing right now and I don't think there has been any word of an ending soon.


>tfw alien transformed into her without freckles
she should be proud of them, its quite cute

Please let her win the MCbowl

Best girl of this year

that belongs to her sister

She forfited the MC bowl when she wiped his memory.

Still not top tier. But the Niconico ratings have improved a lot. I'm glad its being at least reasonably well received in Japan too.

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>Claire running around with her head sticking out of the fursuit
That shit will always get me

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