Scenes that make you cry without fail

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"Please don't graduate" and the song they sing for Azusa after that.

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it's a happy kinda crying

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Pic related and Faye's tape from Cowboy Bebop

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When it cuts to the girls crying outside her room....

As soon as that song kicks in

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>When the sad ost kicks in

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Shouko's mother kowtowing and the part where Yuzuru explains why she took pictures of dead animals are the ones that really get to me.


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The "people can fly"-bit in ppta

Those are good too. On a rewatch though, the first scenes feel the most brutal. Since you already know those experiences are gonna stay with them for the rest of their lives
Also, please don't post dubbed shit ever again

ngl from the thumbnail it looked like someone masturbating to porn.

It's always amusing how absolutely fucking triggered people get by dubs.

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I can tell just how newfag these threads are because nobody ever mentions hina ichigo in them.

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Clannad 2nd season

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