ITT: Characters that made you question your sexuality

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It´s OK.
She is a girl now.

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What's his balls made of jelly?

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Getou is hotter, objectively.

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just downloaded all HIS doujins

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Any Nagi Ichi´s girl (male).

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i used to think i was a lesbian until ryo and kaworu told me otherwise.

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I want to hug He-man. (no homo)

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You're wrong, objectively.



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Sauce this guy is from?

Fanart of Jujutsu Kaisen's Gojou Satoru

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Is this manga good? The premise looked dumb. I dont like the weird edgy anime like devilman and fire punch.

It's initial premise isn't that great, but gets better the more and more the author gets comfortable. Can be pretty edgy at times, but it's never edgy just to be edgy. Definitely worth a shot to try the first 30 chapters.

but that's a girl

*Gojou Satoru's Jujutsu Kaisen

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Am I looking in the wrong places? It feels like I can never find enough porn of Sonic

Ok thanks user

they are now

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