Buyfag thread


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read the guide

Friendly reminder that booth is still fucked, so is SAL, and EMS is fucked for most countries.

Also the world is fucked

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what're you expecting for april buyfags?

For the world to end

>what're you expecting for april buyfags?

Got my Aoi Nagisa and NamanikuATK DX artbooks earlier this month as well as two dakis, waiting for one more daki and a lewd towel that should be here by tomorrow

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Fuck, missed out on the restock on native

hey, I recognize that hot glue material

fuck BOOTH; buy BOTES

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Part of Liliana's cumomatographic universe

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Nice, I was looking forward to this fig. First time seeing it posted here though.

I'd rather fuck botes and buy booths, honestly.

Ugly ass fig

We are in dire need of more trap figures.

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get anything by FOTS/bfull/pulchra

I'm not planning on buying it right now but has anyone bought Gunpla from manda? How does their EMS shipping compare to scales?


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Usually smaller boxes, but there's no EMS to the states right now.
>but im not in the US
Then say that in the first post faggot.

wat the restocked on aoi nagisa?

Liliana was up for grab for a couple of hours a few weeks ago during a surprise restock.

Are you retarded? I said I'm not planning on buying right now solely because there's no EMS in the states

At least amazon DHL seems to be cheap.

I will

Just this and a nekopara scroll that are outstanding before my April can ship.

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Delays and despair.

So just DHL everything now?


>emailed cdJapan the other day to see if I could change to DHL
>no response back
>figure releases today

fuck me i would've instacopped. putting a page monitor on everything i like.

It's a weird feeling when an MFC alert reminds you of a thing you want but forgot about. Always nice, though.

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Yeah, Saika would probably get a figure from one of those manufacturers.