Why isn't there more cute romantic comedy with adults?

Why isn't there more cute romantic comedy with adults?

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>used goods

I can understand you as a purityfag myself but if she was in a long term relationship and some retard dumped her because she wanted marriage, I think it's fine. It's not her fault, she's not a slut.

>Nooooooo you must only have 1 relationship literally ever noooo you can't just move on from relationships that didnt end up working out
Yas Forums is seriously full of incels

Who are you quoting?

Adults aren't cute.

It's truly are cancerous but calling someone incel just as retarded. I tought I'm not on reddit, but Yas Forums basically the same nowadays.

The adults in this manga are fucking cute. One of the cutest manga I've ever read.

This was boring. I still don't understand what she saw in the guy and why she married him. It honestly felt like wish fulfillment.

>>Nooooooo you must only have 1 relationship literally ever noooo you can't just move on from relationships that didnt end up working out
This, but unironically.

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Oh no, why did you do this Yas Forums will seethe

Are there any more series that are more slice of life than this? It seemed like it was pushing it to its limits of having literally nothing happen. Definitely not saying this in a bad way but it's still interesting to think about.

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You have to remember, Japan is an island of incels. They don't understand mature adult stories and are forever stuck pining for a high school romance that they themselves were never able to have.

That's why I read yuri manga, because it explores romance in depth throughout all phases of life.

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Why did she fuck this guy. This dude had no real personality and was an otaku. I never seen an self insert so blatant.

>NOOOOO- strawman
I'm not sure where this shit template-posting originated from but it's the single most vapid way to relay that you disagree.

>had one bad relationship she greatly regrets
What's the problem?

It did feel like she was more into his room than him now and then.

because she just got out of a shitty relationship and was looking for someone who'd be a stable rock for her to latch onto. he was there and had an interesting room to grab her attention, and she was attracted to how safe he was.

>I never seen an self insert so blatant.
The mangaka's female apparently so I don't know if the guy could be considered a self insert in that regard.

To be honest, that's what I liked about it. I'm bored of the almost inevitable forced drama, the retarded conflicts, the illogical misunderstandings. I just wanted to read some straigthforward, cute love story without any obstacles and the Bonnouji perfectly met my expectations.

It was a complete self insert, but not in the way you think. Did none of the wedding planning stuff clue you in?

Back to your cave.

I'll just appreciate romance that has girls not being beta self inserts.

Yuri protagonists get what they want by force.

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I don't know any relationships without egrets

>The mangaka's female
That is surprising. Everything about seems like it was made by a dude.
> A hot girl happens to stumble into your apartment and not only does she keep coming back you eventually have sex with her and marry her for no reason.
I kinda wish their relationship had more to it then what was portrayed.

I reckon you could make a thread about having sex with cephalopods and there'd still be that one guy who goes "you know what's better than a sextuple handjob? Lesbians."

Think about it from the girl's perspective too
>break up with shitty boyfriend
>he acts like a cunt about it
>just happen into a cute guy's room with lots of interesting things, basically an amusement park
>he's a nice unassuming guy who has your best interests in mind
>get to relive a cute high school romance but as a responsible adult leaving behind all your old baggage.

They were friends for two years before they started their relationship and after that it was a half year before they had sex. It's really like this in Japan, or it's just an exaggeration?

that's what it was like for my first relationship.
almost exactly the same timeline too.

It happens. The guy was really standoffish and didn't make any moves until later when she was almost begging him to bend her over and fuck her raw.

There's no such thing as being incompatible unless the woman is already ruined by other men. A young virgin will conform herself to you and enjoy the things you enjoy, hate the things you hate, pick up your hobbies and mannerisms. All women do it, but they start forming their own opinions when they've had too many partners or if they've been single into their late 20s, and that's where supposed incompatibility comes from.

>Think about it from the girl's perspective too

Okay but they were in their late 20's, so it's kinda strange for me. But I didn't say it's bad, on the contrary, I'd certainly value more a relationship with a timeline like this.