Futa elf or fat elf? What is more degenerate?

Futa elf or fat elf? What is more degenerate?

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futa elves are gross
fat elves or bust

Fat elf is more degenerate due to the gluttony aspect. Willingly losing themselves to vices.

Nothing wrong with having a penis.
But it's wrong to be overweight.

Overweight/obesity is the most disgusting thing I'm forced to look at every day

Fat elves

elves are degraded and misinterpreted by the japs in abysmal levels. fuck

what if their penis is overweight?

I'll take the elf that knows proper grammar.

Fat elves.

Brown futa elf

Futa elves are just born that way, fat elves are a result of rampant hedonism.

And not the good kind of hedonism.

Why is this so poorly translated, was the editor getting off?

>Bad translation.
>Purist translation. Good translation.
Purist translations always sound retarded because Japs speak like Chinese children with extra autism.

Neither. Both are to be loved and cherished.


Is inferiour

I'll never understand futa fetish. It's fucking gay.

It would be understandable if it was futa on female because it's two hot girls fucking, but most futa stuff is about dudes sucking dick and getting fucked in the ass.

>but most futa stuff is about dudes sucking dick and getting fucked in the ass.
It's not at all though, you're the one bumping into that stuff. Futa on female far, FAR outweighs futa on male

No it isn't. The list goes:
>Futa solo lewds. Usually single image.
Futa on top is also much more common than futa bottoming especially in futa/female. Trust me. I've spent decades researching this.

Anyway the main point about futas is that dicks are lewd and chicks with dicks are naturally lewd chicks. It's like how some men like sluts but the flavour of how they present their lewdness is different. Also pussys aren't very visible in hentai which reduces their appeal for people who are developing their fetishes. You can blame censorship for that. Overall it's a body modification fetish like catgirls or robotgirls where the dick is basically an exotic accessory.

futa is less gay that straight sex you retard but i'm not gonna waste my precious time for dumbasses like you

>Tits pressing against each other isn't gay.

how big is Marcille dick?

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either 2 or 20 inches nothing inbetween!

Look at those ears. It's slightly below average size but really fat.

whenever I go to panda there is always futa on male, and rarely futa on female if any
my problem is the fact that the whole focus is on the dick, which is what makes it super gay
if you're talking about western porn then sure. But in most hentai the focus is almost always solely on the female, unless you read old faceless old man NTR.

>Whole focus is on the dick.
Depends. If the dick is massively oversized then it usually takes over the hentai but most of it is more moderate and does the usual face-tits-genitals-ass combo that regular porn does. If you get used to erection closeups in the same way you get used to cat ear closeups then you start to realize that it's not the main point.
That said there are quite a lot of 'faceless futa' where they take the male role in the hentai and lose their body entirely becoming a floating dick in most of the pictures. It's just bad and I don't understand why people do this.

>Currently has 1 futaxmale hentai on the first page of the futa tag.
>Rest is futaxfemale.

Fat futa elves

New chapter when?

Definitely fat and it's not the good kind of degenerate either.

Big bellies that hang over the small of your back while you're plowed by elfcock