Ryougi Shiki Appreciation Thread

Here we appreciate Shiki, SHIKI and Shiki. You haven't forgotten about Shiki, right user?

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Mom Shiki

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Why are SHIKI always better than Shiki

The ending makes me feel content

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SHIKI is a bro

I'd kill and die for this smile.

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You have disappointed me Yas Forums

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What, did you come from that Yas Forums thread or something?

What thread

Shiki is fine, but I'm more of an Aoko type.

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Yeah whatever gilgamesh could beat her EASILY she's just a japanese schoolgirl.

How could I forget one of my favorite Assassins

Back when Ufotable was good

NO fatefags in THIS thread.

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So there's a question that's been bugging me that nobody's been able to answer: Can Shiki kill servants?

From the Nasu wiki I've seen, it's possible she can. Whether or not she can fight them long enough, especially the stronger ones, is something else.

>Can Shiki kill servants?
Yeah. Anyone with magic abilities can theoretically kill Servants.

The problem comes when you consider Servants can also kill Shiki.

Nowhere in the VN did they ever say "humans cannot kill Servants".

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The Heaven's Feel movies were pretty good. Definitely gave me KnK vibes, even if it wasn't the same

I'm liking the Knk movies in general but Shiki so far is whatever

I love KnK and Shiki, thank you user

No, thank YOU for loving.

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Despite loving the shit out of Tsukihime, FSN, F/HA and Mahoyo (the stuff of it thats translated at least) I never really got the same out of Kara no Kyoukai. I didn't dislike the movies but I never loved them as I did Type-Moons VNs.

I have a suspicion that it's due to ufotables adaptations, as I'm not a fan of their UBW or HF adaptaions either. Can anyone who's read the novels elaborate on them and how they compare to their adaptation and the rest of the early nasuverse works?

KnK/Shiki are beautiful and wonderful

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>Can anyone who's read the novels elaborate on them and how they compare to their adaptation and the rest of the early nasuverse works?
Ufotable added some fight scenes and lengthened others for theatrics.
In the original, Shiki never killed all those ghosts in the first movie. She said they were harmless and went straight to Kirie for example. Other than small things like that, not a whole lot is different.


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Why does this line trigger DUDE WEED LMAO fags so much?

Not gonna lie Lio is hot

The cutest!

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