Isakai Ojisan

Posting new tankoubon extra.

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Why was she covered like that?

In the previous page he takes it off and put it over her crotch so that when he pulls up her nightgown, he isn't staring right at her goods.

I'm not seeing a problem with staring at her goods

Where are the elf nudes??

Would ojisan enjoy the mini pc engine ?

Where did the 3rd slice of pizza come from?

>cardboard shrine is still up

Damn, Ojisan looks like THAT?


That fucking fish head.

The artist should make some even if they can't be included in the manga.

Elf is going to die at the end of the manga right?
There is no way he hasn't written that into his book.

That's possible, or maybe he found out somehow he was a father and didn't want to remember it.

thx for this.
Also, I didn't get a single bit of the newest chapter. hope we'll get a quick TL soon.

TL when?

>no TL for months

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>ojisan enjoying his mini sega genesis

Bless this author

It's a fairly common theory. Something really bad apparently happened to him and he deleted his memory of it, and when his nephew read about it, he had his own memory deleted as well. Having said that, it's mostly a comedy, even if at times it goes into dark comedy.

look at that fucking ogre
can you blame the isekai people for trying to kill him on every occasion?

Jesus fuck look at that face

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I don't get it

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Cute elf.