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Is Nami a well written character?

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So is Brook.

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and so is vivi

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Babanukischolars reporting in

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If by well written you mean the sexiest then yeah by a landslide


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She's a well drawn character.

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Should Black Maria fight Nami or Robin?

Honestly the crew does need Carrot.
Chopper and Jinbe are emergency food supply, but actually using them as such would be a big loss because they're far more useful as the ship's nurse and a helmsman/combatant.
But Carrot would be expendable enough to eat in times of emergency without any real problems arising.

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stop posting anime

Does Film Z spoil anything past Fishman Island and the beginning of PUNK HAZADU

I love my wife

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My Queen!

>P-please Carrot! Let me have more panels than you? It's the only relevance I have left, being used by shitposters to troll... Just stop appearing with other Strawhats and go back to your tribe, please?

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It doesn't spoil anything.

If she ends up with Vivi, then yes

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He should have been a real zoan user. Something like a gorilla or bear would have been appropriate.

Yes, she hasn't gotten to do anything in Wano but she was brilliant in WCI

i'd argue she's the most fleshed out of all the straw hats.

Robin. Nami already has Smoothie, Robin deserves her own giant lesbian that wants to use her as a living dildo

I want more Ulti fanart and I want it now

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>Carrotfags still exist

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Should the last crewmate be a Logia-type user? It's the only real power missing form the SHs.

>carrotfags being intimidated by fucking Babanuki

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>Carrotfags still exist

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None of the crew need a Logia, and there aren't going to be any more members considering the full crew has been assembled now that Jinbe and Carrot have officially joined.

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Considering she's one of those female characters that need her group as much as they need her, yes. Nami isn't your typical strong independent woman; so is Robin.

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Robin can do the giant limbs thing, so her

Where did these Black Maria and Smoothie memes come from?


They already have a Logia Type.

Never going to happen. And typical of /u/ to only find a character's sexuality as their only value.

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yes, favourite character

If it wasn't for Kaya, I'd think that Nami/Usopp would be a good and plausible endgame ship

What did Oda mean by this ?


Good end 40: "The Pirate flag... is calling out to me!!"
Good end 60: "I'm starting to miss them... those guys!!"
Bad end 40:"Luffy's my loyal follower"
Bad end 60:"Zoro? Oh yeah... he's my loyal follower"

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Babanukifags exist?

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I'm drawing a brap pic of her, does that count?

>P-please Babnuki-sama! Let me have more panels than you? I just want to be with my friends... I'll even let you fuck Wanda if you do.

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might be misremembering but for smoothie it was
1.that one unnamed woman basically having an orgasm when she got juiced
2.smoothie licking her lips when she grabbed nami
3.her troops being only other women

for maria just reread the last chapter


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>'vice-captain' instead of first mate
>Ussop not gunnery officer
>Carrot not cabinboy/not able sailor


He's one of the few functional and intimidating SMILE users.

Good end - he leaves the crew and starts having his own adventures as his own captain, a brave man of the sea

Bad end - he stays with the crew and still tells dumb lies, still a follower

And that's a good thing

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Why wouldn't they, he's the most intellectual character ever to appear, top 40 even

It means that in the good end he retires gracefully.
In the bad end he retires never moving on from his glory days.

>"He'd die if I wasn't there for him".
I unironically would trust Oda with his writing if he ended up going towards LuNa at this point. I was rereading and caught up to 3d2y and holy fuck I've never felt like such a shipper before.

Holy fuck you retards posting wojaks now, to think that these threads could get worse

next strawhat

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He's also had more panel time and relevance in Wano than other side-characters that still get a lot of discussion for some reason, like Carrot.

Share your best finds

>Bad end 40:"Luffy's my loyal follower"
>Bad end 60:"Zoro? Oh yeah... he's my loyal follower"
Luffy and Zoro are confirmed to be the top 2 strongest characters

Sure. And now a little girl controls him.

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How so?

>Good end, he becomes a Yonko by himself
>Bad end: he ends as drunk fool in Gold Roger pub in Loguetown, telling stories for pints.

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Bros, I'm reading the recent chapter now and Carrot is still on the Sunny! Bros!

The only good One Piece ships with writing potential are Sanji and Pudding alongside Luffy and Nami.
Usopp and Kaya sounds like they'd get together without and explanation or some shit, same with Franky and Robin considering how joke-ish their scenes are.

I don't know what the fuck will even happen to Zoro.

Carrot's actually appeared in the last four chapters, unlike Babanuki.

He's a family man

he has more panels then carrot and until such he will always have fans

New strawhat will be Speed, since they won't need to worry about Zoro's poor sense of direction if he just rides her everywhere

And here Oda just thought adding a Corona mask was going to cause a giggle

Robin is very experienced with men.

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>I don't know what the fuck will even happen to Zoro.
He'll try to avoid one of the girls and, thanks to his bad sense of direction, end up with her despite his best efforts.

They just have a good friendship and understanding, and Nami needs Usopp's tech to hold her own


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There's only one girl for Luffy and it ain't Nami

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>caught up to 3d2y
>I've never felt like such a shipper before.
This is where some of the strongest evidence is. The scene where Nami starts popping off Luffy's flaws uninvited to Haredas is a very common trope in nip fiction where a girl is overly conscious of a guy. There's also: Luffy only seeing Nami's face after he lands on Amazon Lily, and Nami being upset that she can't rush to his side after he does the 3D2Y stunt, although the latter is not nearly as strong as the former two.

Aside from that Oda keeps it very, very subtle. The main scene I always mention that's occured since then is Nami being jealous during the Reiju kissu scene, which is also the strongest piece of intercrew shipbait in the entire manga. We haven't gotten much more major evidence besides that(and the scenes Oda wrote for his movies)

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no they don't