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Come, user

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Real talk. What the heck is the official spelling for her name?

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Dumb cat

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Did anyone else burst out laughing at this scene?

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Japan is hayai

Karyl will make a very good beaten wife one day because her parents abused her so well.

Hero Yuuki


he's a functional retard

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. I have split logs this way before.

>souless log cutting
Yeah, this one got me the most.

Crying Peco

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Nice detail
Is the show any good ?

>Konosuba died for this

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It's less the act itself, and more the way Yuuki approaches it.

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Post the exact moment you dropped this series.

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oh no no no

konosuba isnt dead so idk what ur on about

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Aquafags died

Just fuck off already.

i heard one of them fucking killed themselves

God I love pricunny

>I'm actually attached to the characters now
Fuck, I let my guard down. I know most of the plot points they set up will never get resolved unless they go anime original, but I really like this group of retards.

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Thank god.
Now if only LRD would do the same.

Fun episode.

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I was more fascinated at how clean of a cut that turned out.

So was he actually strong before the start of the show?

>mfw can't live with my waifu Pecorine and my cute pet Karyl.

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This episode must've made ponytail fetishists cum buckets.

You mean in the MMO? I think he was about average or just a bit above. Hiyori and Rei could run circles around him but they played the MMO longer.

No, he gets killed by monsters when his healer spills her spaghetti and logs out of the game.

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Kokkoro splish splashing webm where?

Explain the Llama.

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Ghosts and Vampires play vr games so why can't llamas?

What is this?